October 27, 2010


This is random.
But, I just keep thinking... by the age of 33 I should already have a hair style that looks best on me.
You know...  the thing I ask for every time I go to the salon.
I'm definitely grown up, but I still feel like a kid when I do my hair.

I have layers now... it feels like a mullet.
Not cute.  Fine, but not cute.
I'm tempted to cut it off to a bob... but, I do this every pregnancy.
My body gets fatter and I start cutting off my hair.

I'm 33.
I should have this down by now.

And, I should be able to carry a purse.
But, I can't.  I hate it.
I just carry a little wallet.
You know why I hate purses?

reason 1-
When I carry one, my kids cry for candy all the time.  They always think I have something in the bag.
And, usually I do.  So, they turn into whiney brats until I give them gum.
I hate that

reason 2-
it bugs me that they are so big, just one more thing to keep track of.

reason 3-
i'm picky about a black bag with brown shoes, and i don't have time to change my purse all the time.
i keep thinking that one day i'll find the perfect purse that i love...
till that day, I don't carry a purse.

Really, purses and hair bug me.  I feel like they are signs of adulthood.  Signs that I'm not quite the mature woman I wish I was.

Maybe by 40 I'll figure out my ideal hair style and my ideal purse.
What do you think?
I know you are all styled, purse carrying women.
I just know it.

ps- i'm sorry to those of you who actually read this blog.
Sometimes I wonder why anyone would read it... especially when I'm pregnant.
Feel free to pause on me for the next 5 months and then check back.
Promise, I'll be more sane, and happy, and crafty, in April.
Consider yourself warned.


valerie in TX said...

You're too cute. :) I love your hair. I hate mine. Always. Always. Yours does not look like a mullet! And as for the purse thing? Try a color so there's not the brown/black thing (or do you always want it to match your shoes no matter what?) I'm bad that way - I don't care if it matches or not. :) Purse-carrying? Yes. Styled? Definitely not! I carry a small purse specifically so I can't fit a lot in it. But I found out from the "style consultant" on my cruise that my purse is too small for my body type! What about that? :) Bet it wouldn't take long for your kids to figure out there's no room for gum in a small purse! And...I never feel like a grownup...and not in a good way. :/

Starr said...

You are not alone in your hair woes!! I feel like I'm constantly in a vicious cycle of thinking I want to grow it out...suffering through the growing out stage..cutting it short again out of frustration...then starting all over again. I've yet to find that one magical style.....Does it exist?

Jenni Taysom said...

I not really a purse person either, but i do use them - I buy them at the thrift stores - I don't feel too bad only spending a dollar or two, I find fun colorful ones - brown and black are too boring - but nor do I like all the huge, trendy purses, simple and smallish work for me.
My kids do the gum thing too and it drives me nuts. I really try to keep just my wallet, keys and phone in my purse. trading purses often (every few months) keeps my purses clean since I put just the essentials in the new purse and throw the rest away and donate the purse back to good will.
My hair cuts have been getting shorter and shorter for the last year. Now I'm at the point I;m trying to decide if I should go bold and go really short or start the reverse process of growing my hair out - no decisions yet.
Thanks for letting me ramble in your comments. I haven't posted much in my blog lately, so I have pent up things to say, but I don't feel free enough to just blab on my own blog, maybe someday I'll be bold enough to just lay it all out there and just really say whatever it is that I'm thinking - that's why I love reading your blog, you just say what's going on, the kind of things that I think about, but am unable to lay out there for everyone to read.

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