October 26, 2010

almost ready...

i can't believe i survived yesterday.
the OCD thing REALLY worked.
usually, i feel guilty cleaning all day...
(while my little girls watch tv)
usually, i feel stupid for washing windows and organizing junk drawers
when i have a whole list of URGENT things i NEED to be doing.
but, yesterday, i just told myself it was OK i was cleaning... because i was mental.
ha!  it worked.  i had no guilt... i just enjoyed my day and got a lot done.
did i tell you i washed windows...
and did laundry (wash, dried, folded AND put away)
i straightened my kids craft cabinets,
conditioned my leather couches,
cleaned out my junk drawer,
washed the cushion on my rocking chair where leah peed (last week)
cleaned my bedroom,
cleaned my bathroom,
put wood conditioner on the bench by the front door,
sometimes i felt overwhelmed but i kept reminding myself, i had OCD... i couldn't stop.
when i got tired, i drank a big drink of apple cider and imagined it was... um, fuel.

i took the kids to music lessons and while they were learning, i went to JoAnn's to buy fur for a wolf costume.
i left JoAnn's only spending $3.49.
i stopped at a restaurant and ordered myself a sushi roll... spicy tempura shrimp
i ate it in my car while i listened to a book on tape- it was delightful.
then i picked up my kids...
i cooked dinner...  a REAL chicken, with stuffing and beans (late- not till around 7:30pm).
we had apple pie for dessert,
the professor put the kids to bed, cause i was done.
but, i got a second wind catching the end of SYTYCD...
just a little.

i finished my kids' Halloween costumes.
(this is the first year i haven't made a small costume for the professor and i... oh well, 6 kid costumes are about all i can do when i'm pregnant.)
i believe that is the first creative thing i've done in a LONG time.
it felt so good.

i went to bed late, but happy.
and today, i am putting together 30 baskets for our school's Fall Festival auction.
i know...
this will be FUN. (i hope.)

hope you have a great day!! 
hey... one day of my crazy week is already passed...
um, we just might SURVIVE...
IF the big bad wolf doesn't EAT the boogie man before we go trick R treating...


corrie said...

What a day!
I cleaned all day yesterday too. It's been a while. And my in-laws are coming tomorrow. I am grateful for company. It makes me get stuff done.

beckyjune said...

You are amazing- I hardly accomplish that in a week sometimes let alone all in one day. Maybe tomorrow I'll pretend that I'm OCD. My house could surely use the attention right now.

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