October 25, 2010

OCD today.

I did NOT intend to write the previous post, today.
I thought about it last night as I was going to sleep, but this morning I was happy and ready to keep things light and airy.

Here is the post I was going to write today...

Just so you know, today I'm praying to become OCD with my house.
You know those people... the people who are OCD and their house is always clean.
They are my friends, and they always tell me not to change because they love to be at my house where it is fun and laid back.
Well, BLAH to them.
because, I'm sick of fun and laid back.  And, I'm ready for OCD clean.
just so you know.
today, I'm praying for OCD.
i think i have it in me... somewhere.
buried beneath the candy bar wrappers and lazy day book reading...
i'm going to find my OCD.
remember, i used to quilt... a lot.
i KNOW i have OCD in me somewhere.
channel--- house cleaning... house cleaning... house cleaning...
ready, go!

well, truthfully, i think i'll go OCD after i have a piece of apple pie for breakfast...  


Tiffany said...

If you figure out the key to turning on the OCD switch... LET ME KNOW!!!:-)

beckyjune said...

My neighbor across the street from me is admittedly OCD and her house is always perfect, even with three little kids. She comes over here and it is always a mess...I hope that someday I can find the OCD in me, too, because I really would LOVE for things to be cleaner and more organized around here. Good luck, Jen.

Jaidi Clayton said...

I had never thought to pray for OCD...but that may help my messy house problem...I'd love to hear if you figure it out...cause I want to be one of those people whose house is always clean!

Blake and Heidi Fausett said...

I just use the "I am too creative to keep a house in OCD clean condition excuse" It make me feel better :)

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