October 20, 2010


yeah, we're driving home from our school hunting tour of oklahoma and kansas, and our car just stops accelerating... we can drive 3 miles, then it starts gliding to a stop.
we prayed our way to mclean, tx.  it's a small, small, one road place, with one nasty motel, one overworked mechanic, and the mechanic's neighbor with a semi truck, four dogs, three cars on his front yard and a nice harley davidson that he parks in his LIVING ROOM.  really.
wow... mclean, tx.

then, we turned around and prayed our way 19 miles to the bustling town of Shamrock.
today, the kids and i are watching tv in our "lovely" western motel while the professor hunts down a new fuel filter.
can you believe that the 3 major hotel chains they have here were all SOLD OUT.  for real.
shamrock is a happening place.
at least shamrock has a mcdonalds. 

'there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home'
and, um, i don't think i'm as much of a small town girl as i thought i was.
just sayin'. 


beckyjune said...

I'm praying for you that you'll get home!

Tiffany said...

Nooooooooooo! :-( So sad!

Rachel Ure said...

so THATS why you didn't pick up your phone today. have a nice vacation.

Jaidi Clayton said...

So about 15 years ago while traveling from Chicago to Ogden, UT the fuel filter went out in our minivan in the middle of Wyoming...We were able to move our way back to Cheyenne, where they said they couldn't help us and told us there was a place in Loveland CO that we could go to that would help us. The nearest location! So we made our way south and it took forever. I think we could have walked faster than we made it in the car. But after spending a couple nights in Loveland while they ordered in the new part, we fianlly were able to finish our trip. It was miserable. The car had to stop every 5 minutes...and it was awful! Sorry you are stranded in Shamrock, it really is a blink of a town...you know the kind you blink and you miss...Good luck! Sorry for the hold up! But I am still rooting for OKLAHOMA! :)

Jaidi Clayton said...

actually it was a fuel pump, not a fuel filter...Opps, but still a funny story! Good luck!

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