October 21, 2010


ugh. although we had so much fun in kansas (thanks tif!!)
the horrible ride home left me cranky and TIRED.
my kids were AMAZINGLY good...  it's just that even though we fixed the filter $50 we didn't have $700 to fix the fuel pump, so the last leg of the trip that should have taken 3 hours took 6 hours.
we could drive 6 miles before the car stopped and we glided to the side of the road till it would start again.
oh my! 

and, the whole trip left me a little smacked in the face with reality.
you see, i have spent the past 4.5 years saying "SOMEDAY" when we graduate...
and having this idea that all my dreams will come true.
and...  i just don't think it's going to work like that.
i think we'll still be tight financially (we'll have 7 kids and LOTS of student loans to pay off)
someday, it'll all be great...
but, someday may be further away than i was originally thinking.

so, amidst my headache and crankiness i have come to a conclusion...
i need to STOP thinking about SOMEDAY, and start planning for TODAY

i can't tell you the last time i made something...
or invited people over...
or worked on a project...
i think i've spent the last few months making plans and making babies...
and, it's driving me CRAZY.

so... here is my list for TODAY, or TOMORROW, or THIS MONTH.

1.  Make a pumpkin pie or this sour cream apple pie.
2.  Plan a "Fall Feast" - start a new tradition.  (see this blog.)
3.  Invite someone over for dinner.
4.  Crotchet my afghan.
5.  Finish Halloween Costumes- this year we're doing BAD GUYS.
6.  Go to the park with a friend.
7.  Wash all the windows.
8.  Learn to knit and make a gnome hat.
9.  Think about Christmas pictures and Christmas gifts.
10.  Volunteer up at the school.
11. Paint something.

I need a little spice in my life and i just can't spend one more minute thinking about next year.
TODAY is all I have, and i'm missing it.

i've been a bit hermit lately and i think i need to break out of it...
what are you doing this week?
anything fun?  come on, set one goal and join me as I bring back the spice...
ready, set... go!


Rachel Ure said...

let me be a part of your new passion for "today"
maybe we can find something to paint...

Tiffany said...

Oh crap. Did I ruin your image of "someday"?! Boo to me!

Glad you're finally home... :-)

Also... we had a fuel pump replaced, and that guy out in Wolfforth, Mike, should be able to do it cheaper than $700... I think. Do you guys use him for car repairs? We STILL miss him!!!

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