November 03, 2010

cotton field.

This is our last fall in Lubbock. 
And, every year I dream of pictures in the cotton fields.
 they are fields of huge "cotton balls"... just like the ones you wipe your makeup off with, only bigger.

this afternoon i drove by my favorite field and noticed that the field across the street was already stripped.
i knew it was now or never.
so, i picked my kids up from school, put them in semi matching attire, called my friend rachel who graciously agreed to be our photographer, and loaded up the car...
the professor was not too excited about invading someone's field.
but, he complied, because he loves me.
i love these pictures.
they aren't perfection... 6 kids makes perfection difficult to achieve...
but, they are perfect for this time in our lives.

and, definitely cotton.

 Texas, we will miss you!!
this was the real live sunset in Lubbock... i took it on our way home, out of my window...  oh, lubbock skies.


Jaidi Clayton said...

I lvoe the pictures! Because with kids your age, the non perfect pictures are the perfect pictures! They look great! I wish we had taken some pics in the cotton fields...of course Jaicie's Cotton induced asthma, would not have appreciated being that mixed in with the cotton!

beckyjune said...

Beautiful pics, Jen. I have thought about doing the same and it just might be too late.

LAURA said...

beautiful pictures! you look great. you'll treasure those pictures forever.

The Davis Family Three said...

Love your cotton pictures!

Anonymous said...

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