November 02, 2010

harvest feast 2010

this is not thanksgiving...
it is our annual Harvest Feast.
where we celebrate the bounty of the ground... without turkey and without all our traditional recipes.

we ate, we laughed and we experienced new foods.
i told the kids they had to try a little bit of every thing, but i didn't force the issue.
personally, i LOVED it.
the food was so pretty and healthy...
we had lots of family- the Ures, Callisters, my mom and my Aunt Nancy
i love new signatures on my signature linen!

we ate
sunshine beets (with this recipe)  loved them.

brussel sprouts- cut in half, sprinkled with salt and olive oil and roasted at 425 for 15 minutes-  my favorite!!

collard greens with bacon- not my favorite
sweet potatoes

spaghetti squash
fresh cranberry relish
roasted chicken

rolls with blackberry or raspberry jam
pecan pie
sour cream apple pie
cherry pie

i bought egg nog and apple cider, but forgot to set them out.

mostly, it was just fun to visit with friends and family.
i really love events.
especially events at my house.
i love traditions.
Harvest Feast is a keeper... but, next year i want to do it earlier in October.
Although, it was PERFECT for a non-trick r treating halloween this year.

Happy Fall!

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valerie in TX said...

Oh my gosh - love, love, LOVE your new header!! Fabulous! Who took the pic?

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