June 29, 2011


a few weeks ago we had our sweet friends over for dinner.
yolanda is from Hawaii and made us the BEST pork-- usually it is cooked over coals in the ground.
so good.

i overheard the following conversaion as leah was rubbing ronald's belly
"wow, you really do have a big, round belly."
{a mother sigh...}
and then, "and, you have a big, funny nose.  How did you get a nose like that?"
i intervened with a warning, "Leah...."
She said, "No Mom!  Look.  He really does have a big funny nose."
Oh my... 
The next day we had a family night where we practiced kind compliments and things we should NEVER say.
The joy of a precocious four year old.

1 comment:

Team Audrey & Natalie said...

I love how Jakob decided to strangle Lily for the silly photo...too funny!

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