June 30, 2011

love notes.

i found a whole bunch of love notes in my scriptures.
from my sweet husband.
he did a little scavenger hunt through the scriptures.
i'm not sure if he meant them more as love notes, or as a reminder for me to SEARCH the scriptures.
i laughed.
because i have NO IDEA how long ago he put them in there.
for family scripture time i've been using random scriptures in our scripture basket.
i haven't even brought my scriptures to church-- cause my hands are full of baby.
i suppose my days of reading a random verse, or religious article while i'm going to the bathroom should come to an end.
i do miss my dear scriptures.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

That is so awesome of the Professor! (And I totally hear you on reading random verses/passages rather than dedicated "study"... maybe this is my reminder to do better? :-))

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