July 01, 2011


just fyi.
it is hard packing and moving with 6 kids and a baby.
thank goodness for my father in law.
most days i feel like i'm busy all day- and getting nothing done.

am i excited to move?
hah!  NO.
i think i'm excited for CHRISTMAS, because by then i should be unpacked and back to "normal"
for now, i'm just climbing another mountain.
one foot in front of the other and TRYING to keep a smile on my face.

1 comment:

corrie said...

Packing and moving is really really hard. Before you know it you'll be off and on to a new adventure ready to meet and inspire a whole new set of great people.
You're awesome. A pile on Mike and Ikes on the counter help any cleaning/packing/busy day go better.
or sour patch kids...

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