July 03, 2011

blessing eve- 3 months

  What a blessing baby eve has been to our family.
She is a perfect blend of hard and HEAVENLY.
These past 3 months have been stretching/climbing months.
Sometimes we think SEVEN is too many.
And then we look into this darling, angelic face... and are greeted by a big, happy grin.
We think-- if we didn't have seven, we wouldn't have HER.
And we are ever so grateful.

Yesterday I packed away a bunch of 0-3 month clothes that have grown too small...
It hurts me to see how quickly these precious moments are fading.
Yet, it is SO FUN to watch her grow... to hear her deep laugh, to see her finding her hands and rolling from belly to back.
It is familiar to have a baby sleeping between us again.
One of life's most precious moments is holding a sleeping baby- mouth open, tiny breaths of heaven, squished cheeks and fuzzy hair.
Loving eve, we remember each of our other babies and we love them that much more.
How we will miss these days.
Oh, how we love her.
We are so blessed to be her parents.


Lanette said...

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I can't handle how precious these pictures are. So very, very sweet.

corrie said...

It's hard to think, once they are here, how ever we lived without them.

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