July 04, 2011

sleeping with the enemy.

Guess what happened to me?
I was nursing the baby in the middle of the night/morning and i felt something scurry down my leg.
I screamed, and made the professor wake up and save me.
He looked around and couldn't find anything.
He pleaded, "It's gone.  Please don't make me search the whole room."
I was nice and let him go back to sleep... although I kept feeling or imagining bugs walking ALL OVER me. 

Sometime later I felt the scurry again on my arm.
I screamed again and jumped up.
There was a HUGE, nasty bug in my sheets.
(I took a picture AFTER the professor killed it with a flip flop.)

I'm still grossed out.
Good thing we're moving... I hear there are NO nasty bugs in Oregon.


beckyjune said...

ewwww is right, though I'm sure you'll miss Texas just a little, right? Texas (and us) will miss having you here.

Teachinfourth said...

Nope, there's only fun, singing bugs in Oregon...

valerie in TX said...

Eww eww eww eww eww eww eww EWW!!

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