July 05, 2011


 I married into a family of SUPER-movers!!
My father-in-law repacks the boxes I have packed... so they don't crush when the movers load them.
And, he's GOOD.  SO GOOD.
We are very thankful to have him and my mother-in-law here to help us transition...
(They helped move us here to Texas when I was 9 months pregnant with Leah.)
My father-in-law uses tractor tires to secure things.
Big tires... that he cuts into tubes and rubber strips.

So grateful for the good men in my life.


Rachel Ure said...

can't believe you will be out of that place tomorrow!!! I am going to be here after 12:00 feel free to send kids over any time after that

Anonymous said...

I noticed the box said Dewsnup...are you taking Corrie to Oregon with you?

jenifer said...

isn't that funny? we have boxes saved frm our move to texas from michigan... i WISH we were taking some dewsnup with us!

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