August 11, 2011


yes, i'm falling in love with Oregon.
if i get emotional SHOPPING for produce, you can imagine the serotonin that spreads through my body PICKING produce, outdoors, with my children, on a beautiful morning.
i love it.
as i drove circles trying to find the u-pick fields i was amazed at the beauty of God's creation.
who could feel this majesty and not believe in a supreme creator?
i am so grateful for the bounty of the earth.
and i LOVE fresh berries.
did you know there are MANY different KINDS of blueberries?
yup.  they told us to go down the rows sampling until we found the variety we liked.
i preferred smaller, tarter berries... my kids liked them big and sweet.
i should have remembered the brand names for next year.
i suppose we'll just have to try them all again...
ps.  i read these scriptures yesterday...
"Use language that UPLIFTS, ENCOURAGES and COMPLIMENTS others."
this reminder CHANGED me.
i had so much fun trying to think of ways to parent my children with only UPLIFTING, ENCOURAGING, COMPLIMENTING words.
i loved the parent i was yesterday.  it is who i am, when i'm not lazy.
here's to day 2 of positive parenting revisited.
{i call it my end of the summer parent renovations!!}
hope you are enjoying these last weeks with your children!
i love my job!

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Teachinfourth said...

Blueberries on cereal sounds so good right now...

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