August 22, 2011

pay attention.

Yesterday, I met with some wise women who were training us in our new callings as leaders of the children in our congregation.
I LOVED this quote...
"What you pay attention to is what you encourage."
With a house full of kids it is VERY easy to pay attention to the blaring WRONG and miss the quiet goodness.
ugh.  Why is it that most of my life is fighting against natural tendency?!
The law of atrophy... the law of negativity?
I also read this yesterday...

Elder Gordon B. Hinckley supervised the work of the church in Asia from 1960 to 1968.  During that time he met regularly with leaders in Asia.  Years later, one of those leaders shared his feelings about Elder Hinckley's visits:
"One of the things I appreciated about Elder Hinckley was that never once in my three years [as mission president] did he criticize me, despite all my weaknesses. ... And that spurred me on.  Ever time he came I thought 'I'm going to get it right between the eyes this time.  I didn't turn in this report properly or I didn't follow this program right.' But every time he came off the plane he would grab my hand like he was pumping water out of a well with great enthusiasm. "Well, President . . . , how are you getting along? . . . You're doing great work.'  He encouraged me like that... and when he left I felt I should give 105%, not just 100%."  Andy Komatsu
I want my kids to feel that encouragement from me.
Can I tell you, today I will be praying that I remember this?
Today, I want to Pay Attention to the Positive.
Because, What I pay attention to I ENCOURAGE!!!
carry on friends!!


Ann said...

I needed this reminder today. Thanks. :)

beckyjune said...

such a great reminder. I'll try to remember, too.

Stephens Stories said...

Your pictures make me want to move to Oregon. Your wise worded posts make me want to be your neighbor!

Teachinfourth said...

It is so important to accentuate the positive, isn't it?

jenifer said...

stephens stories-
if you were my neighbor you would hear my kids pounding on the screen door-- "Let me in!!" (when a brother/sister locks them out).
That's true-- my neighbors told me.

you might hear me yelling at them to GET IN BED BEFORE I LOOSE IT!!

and, you would for sure see some half-dressed orphan children wandering the streets before i wake up in the morning.

i am much more wise in my contemplation on life than i am in my execution of life.

right becky? we sure miss your family!!

valerie in TX said...

haha - I disagree with your reply, above. I watched you parent in person, and you are JUST AS WISE in actuality!! :) Love you and miss you. (and thank you for this post....I so need it)

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