August 21, 2011

taking the plunge.

love this guy!
 my husband, the professor, he's a different man now that we're DONE with his PhD program.
stress-- it's not so good for a man's soul.
yesterday, he said to me (10 times), "I love this!!  I haven't thought about work or school once all day!"
i loved it too.
i love this guy-- the funny one-- the one that i remember from way back when.
life is good.

ps.  that water was COLD!

Note from professor:  You know how normally, when you've been in the pool for a while and then get out, you're freezing cold until you get back in the water?  Well, for the first time I can remember, getting out of the water actually felt GOOD!  


Marie said...

What a cute couple you two make! ♥

valerie in TX said...

Wow, you are BRAVE! :) Looks so fun (except for the cold water part). Sure miss you guys!

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