August 16, 2011

singleness of heart.

this morning i was just thinking over our past Sunday.
it was a great day.
and, we are not known for great Sundays...
Sunday morning I read my favorite verses ever on the Sabbath day (Doctine and Covenants 59:9-13)...
i loved this reminder, "let thy food be prepared WITH SINGLENESS OF HEART" and later, "do these things with thanksgiving, with cheerful hearts and countenances... with a glad heart and a cheerful countenance."

i loved that.
All day I tried to do whatever I was doing WITH SINGLENESS OF HEART.
Meaning, I wasn't always worried about everything that needed to get done.
I tried to just cheerfully do ONE thing, and have peace that it was enough.
We had a few friends over for dinner.  My kids spent the day doing uplifting, Sabbath things.  I worked hard.  And, I was happy.

Today, I want to remember this and keep that SINGLENESS of HEART feeling.
I don't want to get overwhelmed with everything... just enjoy the one thing I'm doing.
If I'm organizing... I'm not worrying about lunch. 
If I have a child that needs me, I'm not worrying about finishing my organizing.
There is a peace that comes from just accepting what you can do and knowing everything will be fine.

My 5 older kids are at soccer camp this morning and baby eve is sleeping (she is awake ALL night).  Lily is crying by my side... "Nobody can play with me, nobody.  I am never going to see them again, they are not there."  I suggested she read a book.  She said, "Nobody can read it to me, nobody."  I smile.  This sweet child is going to have quite an adjustment time once school starts... she is VERY used to having LOTS of loving.
For now, I'm off to play with her and read her a story.

I hope you enjoy your day!!

ps.  Singleness of heart is how I cope with no sleep.  If, at night, I just think about my sweet baby and enjoy the time I'm spending with her, I AM FINE!!!  If, I worry about the sleep I am missing because of her.  If, I start to resent my husband who snores peacefully through the night...  I am CRANKY!!  And, in the morning, if I think about the number of hours of sleep I am not getting, I'm cranky.  Instead, if I just do what needs to be done, with singleness of heart... I'm good.  I'm happy.  And, sometimes I find a few minutes to nap in the afternoon.  How I really, really need to remember this lesson...  I'm loving this concept.


Kira said...

I dont know how i came about your blog ...but i am glad that i did )=

Your blog is the most uplifting blog i have ever read always makes me smile ....your attitute is one i would love !

Your an inspiration , esp on the hard days .

So even though you dont know me , i wanna say thanks !

Marie said...

Jen, you did it again! I'm beginning to think you have a way of "knowing" what everyone out here needs to hear each day... This post is aMaZiNg! Thank you! As I go through my day I am going to do whatever I need to do WITH SINGLENESS OF HEART. I have always known that attitude and gratitude will get us far. And yes, there's always that glorious afternoon nap! That won't hurt a thing! :)
Have a great day Jen! I'm so glad you are beginning to love our beautiful Pacific Northwest!

jenifer said...

thank you both!! kira-- nice to meet you... i hope you feel more like a friend than a stalker!! it's easier for me to WRITE a good attitude than it is for me to always HAVE a good attitude. but, thank you!
marie-- let me know if you're ever in my area and we'll have to do lunch!! And, i do laugh at your "knowing" comment-- actually, God just knows what I need to hear, and I share it with you... ughh- even today i need to remember what i learned yesterday (i'm a bit frazzled with plans for this school year...) just one thing at a time, right?!!

Stephens Stories said...

You are such a wonderful example. There are days where I get quite overwhelmed with my 4 kids, and I think of you with your 7, and how you seem to take everything in stride. I appreciate your words, and am happy to have found you, a sister in zion.

Just one thing at a time is such wonderful advice!

Marie said...

Hi again Jen,
You totally got my "knowing" comment... :)
Can't understand why you might be frazzled about school plans! Duh! I used to get overwhelmed and I have ONE son...! How lame am I? lol (He may be one, but sometimes it seems like a herd of boys!!!)
And yes... One thing at a time!

Continued blessings to you!!!

Sarah said...

Beautiful. I feel best when I have singleness of mind also. But it is SO hard sometimes!

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