August 17, 2011

great to be EIGHT!!

last weekend, ellie got baptized here in Oregon.
surrounded by our children and lots of people that will soon feel like family.
she is darling.
i'm so humbled to be her mother.
after her baptism, she received the gift of the Holy Ghost.
In her blessing she was promised that the Holy Ghost would be a guide to her when she is mothering her own children.
I thought- how I need to listen to those gentle promptings teaching ME how to mother HER!!
After her baptism, todd, eve and I took Ellie out to eat-- her choice.
(She picked Hibachi... I picked a perfect, small town, bakery for dessert.)

We had our eight year old "greatest things" conversation.
Yup, right there at the hibachi table we explained Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the birds and the bees-- all in one swoop. 
She took it all in stride, smiling with an embarassed "that's gross". 
(Todd assured her that someday she would love it.)
I have never regretted having these conversations with my eight year olds.  They are old enough to know right from wrong.  At school intimacy is part of every day conversation.  I know that our kids know the basics, and that they know they can talk to us about any questions they have.
Ellie is so kind and sensitive.
She is full of life and goodness.
How I love this child!!
What a special day.

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