September 19, 2011


today life is better.
i woke up an hour earlier and my home was not a mess when my kiddos ran out the door.
i'm always happier when my home is clean.
don't you love that quote by President Hinckley?
it sits on a mantle behind my friend's wood stove.
(yes, i took my camera when i went to dinner at their home.  is that rude or what?)
you should see their whole house-- someday, when i have more time, i'll post pictures.
today, let us all enjoy life more!

want another quote from my friend's house?
 see, you'd love her too?!!

1 comment:

Rebekah said...

love both of those quotes!

I just read your last blog, too, and had a giggle over the breast pads. hee, hee. I get a kick out of picturing the conversation that morning as they padded up.

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