September 18, 2011

keepin' it real.

just so you know.
today, i am tired.
and cranky.
and,  i wish my kids would just magically go to sleep.
and, i want to read a book... all day long, without 100 interruptions.
and, i closed the doors to my porch because i didn't want my neighbors to hear my kids squabbling while i ignored them.
my husband, he did a lot today.
and, i'm grateful for him.
i took a long nap, but it didn't help.
still cranky.
i hate it when i have a cranky day.
tomorrow will be better.
i just know it.

ps.  at church i looked over and anna had something weird in her shirt.  i asked her what it was and she started giggling.  it turns out that anna and ellie (age 8 and 9) both took my nursing breast pads and stuffed their t-shirts.  :)  oh my!  we unstuffed during the sacrament prayer-- hopefully everybody else had their eyes closed.  those girls... 


LAURA said...

this is how I feel everyday, ha! So funny about the breast pads. :)

Ann said...

Oh! I love little girls! That is way too funny! I needed a good laugh tonight! My 4yo insists that she doesn't have nipples, she has BOOBS!

I've also been wanting to tell you that you're making me want to move to OR with all your beautiful pictures! It looks absolutely lovely up there!

beckyjune said...

Poor Jen, I have had too many of those days lately. Your story about Anna and Ellie and the breast pads gave me a good laugh!

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