September 16, 2011


jakob is in cross country and soccer this year.
yesterday, he had a race on the beach. 
a 3k.
he came in 6th (for his grade), i think 11th overall.
i'm not sure his time... i think it was around an 8 min mile pace...
i really don't care about the times-- but, i did get teary eyed watching all these kids TRYING so hard.
i love it.
jakob's a good little runner.
the beach is about an hour away.
i brought my 5 girls.
it was lovely.
perfect, actually.
in the morning jakob asked for some of my tights so he could wrapped them around his shoes to keep the sand out.  we cut and sewed and cut some more.  I thought his coach had told him to do it... i sacrificed my cute, purple tights.  Turns out, the tights were his idea! just a way he could keep his running shoes from getting sandy.  I love that kid.
we got a bucket of steamed clams afterwards.
and, we saw a guy on a really big unicycle... here is the picture anna snapped as we drove by. 
what a fun afternoon!

i have a confession.
i came home on Monday from picking jakob up at cross country and dropping him off at soccer...
drew was on the computer playing a dumb computer game, and i just KNEW.
i knew it was so important for him to be active.
the next day i drove to the football office and signed drew up, late.
i asked him about it on the way to school,
mom- "drew, i really think it's important that you do something active.  yesterday, i saw so many kids up here practicing and i came home to see you playing on the computer.  do you want to play football?"
drew- "sure, i guess."
that afternoon we got him all outfitted.
{originally, we had decided not to sign him up, just because it was expensive and he didn't seem super excited about it.  i've since realized, that's just drew... he's laid back, go with the flow... he's a kid I have to suggest things to.  jakob, i have to catch up with.  both are great.  and, both need to be active.  i love that they are playing different sports!}
today, drew is on the football team.
it is so cute how excited he is... this morning he tried on his pads and helmet to model for me.
he kept saying, "punch my head mom, just punch it hard."
he wore his jersey to school today (they have a game tomorrow).
i got a call while i was at the beach... it was drew, telling me he is the 3rd fasted kid on the football team.
he's a wide receiver- number 86.
i really love sports.
just sayin'.

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