September 10, 2011

pears, ugh.

we had so much fun picking pears.
and, i waited anxiously while they ripened on my laundry room counter.
and, todd and i stayed up one night to can pears together.
guess what?
i HATE pears.

our pears had little white worms in their cores.
not all of them... but SOME of them... enough of them to make me squirmy...
i sliced through two worms and saw the guts spilling out and i was FINISHED.
(No, i didn't get a picture... gross!)
my poor husband had a choice-- finish the pears by himself or throw them away.
ugh.  isn't that horrible for me to admit?
pears have been giving me the heebeejeebeys.
ugh.  i just got the shivers just thinking about that night.
sometimes in a marraige, a girls just got to draw the line.
i wash windows and toilets and have lots of babies...
i just can't.
i hope i get over the pear creepies...
until then- my husband still has a counter full o pears to can!
have a great weekend! 


beckyjune said...

yuck! I hear ya. We went to the apple orchard in Idalou on Monday and right now I am feeling a little less than love about the ton of apples on my counter waiting for me to do something with them because, as you know, the family picks the fruit but it's the mom who does something with it so it doesn't all just rot. I made some apple butter but still have SO many apples. I think I'll make some pie filling and another batch of apple butter and hope that will do the job. Enjoy your pears!

Steph said...

The would gross me out, too. On the other hand, I'm a little jealous of all this fruit picking--Vegas doesn't offer much in the way of picking. I'm also jealous of those jeans and sweatshirts you guys are sporting--I'm ready for 100 degree days to be gone.

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