October 04, 2011

100 things about me.

again i'm laughing... who would want to read this?
i enjoyed reading this-- and i thought it sounded fun.
so, here are 100 really, interesting things about me.
i can't wait to read what i come up with. {smile}
1.  my father spelled my name wrong on my birth certificate.
2.  i had surgery between 7th and 8th grade where i almost died.  they removed over 3 feet of my small intestine.
3.  i have almost died many times in my life... at least 5 that i can count.
4.  i've always wanted to fill a whole pew at church, we are almost there.
5.  i LOVE babies.  it is in my nature, i LOVE them. 
6.  i also LOVE teenagers.  good ones and bad ones.  i LOVE them.
7.  i do not naturally love elementary school aged kids.
8.  i don't love sauces or gravy or tons of spice or icing.  i'd choose pie over cake for sure.
9.  i like weird foods and international food.
10.  i have a really hard time making decisions, i would much rather someone choose for me.
11.  i hated chocolate before i got pregnant.
12.  i wish i lived in a small house, in the country.  i think pioneer life sounds idyllic.
13.  i never sing the right words to a song.
14.  i can make almost anything, and it will look pretty good.
15.  i love to read, but i read very fast and can hardly ever remember the specifics of a book i've read.
16.  i can't stand a book that doesn't have a happy ending. 
17.  i am not good at growing things, but i LOVE produce.  i love buying it, picking it, canning it, eating it. 
18.  i like almost everything, so i can't come up with a favorite color, a favorite food, a favorite book, a favorite song, a favorite car... nothing.  (todd says i like suburbans, volvo wagons and jaguars- hmm.)
19.  i love people very easily, especially people that are hard to love.
20.  i am very insecure in social settings.  i talk a lot, because i'm nervous.  i almost always regret things i say after i've said them. 
21.  i'm horrible with directions.  and driving.  and numbers.  and spelling.  (this embarasses me.)
22.  i love to learn new things.  i love advice.  i love talking to people about how they do things.  i love reading books about how to be better.  i love trying new recipes.  i'm very teachable.
23.  i think my husband is really, really good.  i also think my kids just came great.
24.  i haven't talked to my father in many years, and i think about that almost every day.  i'm not really sure where my mom is right now, and i think that's how she wants it to be.
25.  i think natural, holistic medicine is weird, but i know it works.
26.  i've been to a therapist and it really changed my life... but, i'm not a hands down supporter of therapy.
27.  i'm a republican and, i like Barack Obama.  {because of Oprah and lessons from my father, a book he wrote.}  i like him, but i would never vote for him.
28.  it really bugs me when people talk bad about other people.  i hate it.  even though i feel hypocritical- the only people i am really critical of, are people who are critical of other people.   
29.  i have broken the side mirror off of two of our cars, hit one mailbox, and just recently hit my friend's car... all while trying to back out of driveways.  see number 21.
30.  i am married to a PhD, and i really don't value formal education.  I think a man behind a plow is just as smart as a man with many diplomas.  I also think that people with degrees in "child development" don't know any more about raising kids than people with hands on experience... I have a degree in child development.
31.   I don't mind cleaning toilets.  I am not afraid of GERMS- at all.
32.  i love to stay up late.  i hate to wake up early. 
33.  i hate surprises.
34.  i can't make good cookies.
35.  we eat a nice, family dinner together every single night.
36.  i cook pretty.  i like colors.  but, i'm not a really great cook.
37.  i dream of traveling the world with my family.
38.  i think by talking.
39.  i talk worse than i feel, and i talk in extremes... always, never, ruined, perfect...
40.  i like lowercase letters much better than uppercase.
41.  i think grammar is a waste of my time.
42.  i always boil things over when i cook.
43.  i am a journal keeper.
44.  i am not a rule follower, pattern follower, or a recipe follower. 
45.  i like HAPPY, fun, inspiring music. 
46.  i HATE schedules.  i hate routine.  i can't even do a weekly menu because i want to rebel against monday's meal.  {i'm fine if i write 7 meals down and choose on a given day what i feel like cooking- i almost never make the 7 meals i have planned for.}
47.  i sing to my children a lot and i don't sing well at all.
48.  i have bad posture.
49.  i floss often.
50.  i hate television.  when i do watch tv, i am easily sucked in to reality tv.  i just watch, hoping that they will make a good choice and live happily ever after.  that almost never happens.
51.  i really love road trips.
52.  i think that when my kids are grown and gone, my husband and i will have a really, really great life together.  i have never loved my kids more than my husband.  that is a hard concept for me to understand.
53.  i have name issues.  my first last name was Ionno.  then, my step-dad adopted me and my last name was Lafferty.  then, i got married and didn't know what name to pick so i wrote Jenifer Jean Lafferty Moss.  then, my mom divorced my step-dad and now i hate having Lafferty in my name.  blah.  too many fathers, too many names.  I get all conflicted when people ask me "what is your full name?"   
54.  i am afraid of extremes in anything.
55.  i hate contention.
56.  i have horrible bowels (see number 2).  i hate public bathrooms.  in high school i would sneak into the teacher's bathroom.  i always read to distract me on the toilet.
57.  i would rather have a baby then get a cavity filled.
58.  i love family history. 
59.  i love to serve.  i care a lot about other people.  i love to give gifts.  i love when people ask me for favors.  i never mind watching other people's kids or having people over for dinner.
60.  i don't feel loved by others easily.  it takes a long time for me to feel completely comfortable with other people. 
61.  i hate casual conversation.  i like talking about real things.  people often confide in me.
62.  i have a super-sonic nose.
63.  i love mail.
64.  i like the idea of animals, but have never really enjoyed a pet.
65.  i think i'm funny.
66.  i wish i could be donna reed or mrs. brady.  i would like to wear highheels and a darling dress every day of my life (even though i've never owned a donna reed dress).
67.  i fall asleep every time i watch a movie.
68.  i hate clutter.  i hate books.  i hate dvds and videos and cds.
69.  i love a vacuumed room.
70.  i take more baths then showers.
71.  even if no one ever saw me or my kids, i would still care about how we look.
72.  i love white.
73.  i'm scared in the dark and i hate killing bugs.
74.  i love to go shopping.  i love bargains.  i HATE garage sales {because, i'm nervous bargaining with people, and i can never find the dumb garage sale- see number 21}.
75.  i would adopt 100 kids or be a foster parent, if i could.
76.  i like to re-decorate.
77.  i'm very patriotic.  i love this country.  i feel most patriotic in the grocery store.  :)
78.  my worst housework job is putting away laundry.
79.  i like hugging way better than kissing.
80.  i often wonder what i could have been if i had been raised in a more functional home.
81.  in high school powder puff football, i made a 72 yard running interception touch down.
82.  i tried out for the school softball team and never checked if i made it our got cut.
83.  i have always wished i could sit through a sunday school class without commenting.
84.  my biggest fear is regret.
85.  i have always known there was a God. 
86.  i am very competitive in games and watching sports.
87.  i love clean comedy.
88.  i am interested in politics, but i can't stand the drama or the contention.
89.  i love quotes.
90.  even though i'm not perfect, i never feel mother guilt.  i think my kids have a great life.
91.  i am spontaneous.  i love hopping in the car and heading off on some adventure.  i love it.
92.  i often think about doing something great after my children are grown.
93.  i love when other people love my kids, or when they notice little things they do.  i love other people's kids easily.
94.  i feel loved when i see sun rays shining through the clouds.
95.  i love to talk on the phone with people that inspire me to be better.
96.  i hate to be tickled.  i love to have my back scratched.
97.  i would never get a boob job, but i want to be resurrected with a more ample bosom. 
98.  i have always been good.  i can't think of a time when i did something on purpose that was mean or wrong.  part of me admires people with the courage to be bad.
99.  i love to read a good clean romance novel.
100.  i am living the life i always dreamed i'd live.  {and, it's much harder than i ever imagined it would be.}
 101.  i think i talk, and write, WAY too much.


beckyjune said...

This was so fun to read, Jen! I read every single one. I'm glad that you talk a lot.

Mike & Lila Family said...

i hope you don't mind, i found your blog while searching wreath ideas and using 'pintrest'. i accidentally refreshed and got sucked into your 100 things. (even though i have have 100 other things I should be doing right now, lol). i just wanted to tell you, you are funny (to me) and i think you have a wonderful look on life. I hope you get all the babies you ever want. i wish i could have 6. God bless. xo Lila in TN

valerie in TX said...

Love! So fun to read this. I've always wanted to do a "100 things" post, but - like you said - I thought no one would want to read it. Although...guess I'd actually have to WRITE a post before I could write 100 things, huh? ;) No time for blogging lately.... Miss you guys!

Honey said...

Jen, I've been reading your blog for the past week and I LOVE it! I really enjoy the way you write and your perspective on things - you're inspiring while keeping it real! Love it. And what a fun post. I sat here reading and thinking if I could come up with 100 things ;) I don't think so...

Journey Man said...

I recently discovered your blog through Cocoa at Chocolate on My Cranium (when you were delivering Ben) and she requested prayers on your behalf. I love your blog! I really like this post, and as I read it, I thought "Aha! Kindred Spirit!" I relate to you in so many ways! Maybe I should do one like this ... I haven't written on my blog in over a year. Hugs! Diana

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