October 27, 2011

black ninja apologies.

after our sabbath day jaunt through the woods, my kids played at home.
no tv means bigger messes.
this day, no tv meant the return of the BLACK NINJA.
and everybody knows that the black ninjas need black eye shadow, all over their faces.
(these pictures are AFTER they cleaned up- i should have taken a picture of the AFTER bathroom.)
dress up and make up and pretend play is one of my favorite things about childhood- even the thought of cleaning up later doesn't bug me most days.

this day,i wasn't feeling good, so i took an afternoon nap.
the professor was hungry, so he was cranky with the kids, which made me cranky with him.
it seems that my kids didn't interpret that line of reasoning...
i found this note when i woke up.
i smile.
at least they know where to turn when you are cranky (prayer and sleep)!!
i love these kids.

as i wrote this blog, i realized that todd and i were just SO tired on Sunday because we were awake with a screaming baby ALL NIGHT on Friday and Saturday and almost every night for the past 6 months.
little eve-er is a stinker at night.
but, on Saturday night i reached my tipping point. 
somehow in one night i just had enough.
i blame her pacifier.
i have never used a pacifier before and i will NEVER use one again.
i HATE them.
she would wake up every time it slipped from her mouth and she would roll onto it and it would hurt her face...  she didn't know how to go to sleep by herself and sleeping time was so sad for her.
on sunday, i trashed the pacifiers and i let her scream herself to sleep.
it was heart wrenching-- for over 30 minutes.
and then SHE SLEPT till 4 am.
She only woke up ONCE the whole night.
in the morning, she was the cutest, smiley baby in the whole world.
so happy, because she had gotten some sleep!!
and, i was happy too...
in fact, my whole week has been a little less groggy.
this girl is taking mongo naps and i haven't missed that little plastic plug one bit.
adios pacifier!
hello sweet baby who has learned to go to sleep!!
ahhh.  life is good.
(she still wakes up once or twice at night... but she eats and goes back to sleep easily.  i have a feeling someday she will sleep through the night completely!! soon.)

i have friends coming over in a short while for a presidency meeting.
the longer i sit here and type, the shorter my list of "things i'm going to clean up before the come" gets
it's already short because i went to bed instead of straightening up last night.
and, i have literally been gone for the past three days so my house is in desperate need of my TLC.
i think i'll stick all the dirty clothes in the laundry room and put towels over it.
see, one more thing successfully crossed off my list...
have a good one.

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