October 17, 2011

i AM Christian.

just so you know... i thinks people who say Mormons aren't Christian are dumb.
you can say that "Mormons aren't Baptist."
you can say that "Mormons aren't Lutheran."
but, you aren't the Christian judge.
you don't become christian by popular vote.

--you might not like us.
--you might not agree that we have a prophet on the earth today.
--you might not agree that when Christ was on the Earth He visited the Americas-- not just Jerusalem.
(this is where we get the Book of Mormon-- it is a record of Christ's visit to the American inhabitants after he was resurrected.  The Book of Mormon teaches us to love others and follow Christ-- if it's the devil's book I think he's kicking himself that he didn't make it a bit more beneficial to his cause.)
--you might not agree that truth was lost after the crucifixion of Christ and restored to a 14 year old boy in America.  (Angels never appear to young boys. that's so far fetched. david, moses, isaac, samuel, etc...)
--you might not like the fact, that in our early church history, persecution had KILLED most of the men and left many wives and children fatherless... Yes, our church used to be polygamist.
Guess what?  polygamy, temples, prophets, apostles... as weird as it sounds, that's all in the Bible.
disagree with us... fine.
but, if you think you get to choose who is Christian and who isn't, you're wrong.

look here if you want to know what "Mormons" believe.

by the way, our church isn't called "mormon", it's called "THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS".
why that long name?
because we believe we are the SAME church that Christ started when He was on the earth.
He called a prophet, Peter, and 12 apostles. 
early Saints, prophets and apostles were killed. 
the authority was lost...
men began voting on doctrine and perverting truth. 
we refer to this time as the dark ages or the apostacy.
during this time there were many good people who saw that reform was needed.
but, we believe that God "restored" his gospel in the latter-days by again calling a prophet.
joseph smith.
we do not worship joseph smith any more than we worship moses.
originally, christ's followers were called "saints", people who were made holy through the atonement.
we believe we are the same church, restored in the latter-days by God.
the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.
Christ has ALWAYS spoken to prophets and apostles.
and, He speaks still.
you don't believe in my religion?  FINE.
but, you don't get to tell me what I believe.
you don't get to tell me that I'm not Christian.

i believe there is MUCH goodness in the world.
i KNOW there are many CHRISTIANS.

i believe in Christ.
He is MY Savior and my Redeemer.
He heals me.  He saves me.  He teaches me.  He forgives me.  He blesses me.
Someday, I will see Him again, and He will know me.
Say what you want about my life... but i hope that anyone who knows a Mormon KNOWS that we are Christian.

And, WHO GETS TO DECIDE whether or not I am a Christian?
some baptist preacher who is saying a prayer?
seems to me that Christ himself wouldn't cast a stone at an adulterous woman.
we aren't adulterous women... we are humble followers of Christ.
Christ was harshest on the Sadducee's and Pharisees who didn't even know Him when He came.
Christ was harshest on those who judged and condemned others who were commonly outcast.
remember the good Samaritan?  remember the priest who passed by?

are mormons christian?
are YOU Christian?
only CHRIST gets to judge.
Am I Christian? 
Do I believe in Christ? 
Have I been born again?
Does the light of Christ shine in my eyes? 
Do my children know their Savior?
I HOPE you know what i believe by how i live my life.
You might not agree with everything i do... but I hope you know that i am Christian.

are you christian?  you churches who spend your sundays bashing my religion?
on Sunday, we don't bash other people's beliefs. 
we focus on changing our own hearts.  on becoming more loving.  on getting to know our Savior better.  on loving our neighbors.
that's what my church teaches.

(hah!  i've been having a hard time coming back to my blog...  for some reason i just haven't had much to say... but, reading in the news about Mitt Romney and the Christian south bashing mormonism i just want to scream!  Hello?!  You are NOT the Christian judge-- you're NOT.)
{deep breath}

the professor is laughing in the background... are you really going to bring up polygomy?
yes.  i say.  yes i am.
mormons are christian.
we are.
vote for whoever you want to vote for-- this is America.
but don't bash my beliefs in the process.
i am Mormon.
i believe in Christ.
i AM Christian.
{and you don't get to decide.}


Jaidi Clayton said...

I LOVE THIS POST! Can I share it on my blog? I absolutely love what you said and the way you said it! Thanks for writing it!

Life's Adventures said...
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Carrie said...

Great post Jen! You should send that to a newspaper. Well written and well said!

Life's Adventures said...

Jen, your blog is on my google reader so i don't miss a post. It's something i always look forward to reading and, of course, seeing photos of your darling family. We met "The Professor" in Rexburg when he was a college student through the Gee family. Can i just say kudos on this latest post !!

Amy said...

This is my favorite blog that you've written and I even had to have Shawn come read it! I always get so worked up when people tell us what we believe, too! I just think that you need to send this to some popular publication. Super duper job.

Rebecca said...

I have heard so many firm testimonies these past few days. Thanks!

Diana said...

Wow jen! Very well said. I am interested in what lit your fire?

Lorraine said...

Hope you don't mind; I linked to your post on my blog. jackandlorraine.blogspot.com
Thank you so much.

jenifer said...

i don't mind if you link to this post...
hah! i was sure fired up wasn't i?
i was just reading the news about the prayer given at a rick perry event where the pastor said something about the mormon cult and i just was fed up with it.
you know, sometimes i think we are too nice. enough is enough. we don't bash your beliefs-- stop bashing ours.
it felt good to write out my grand yawp to the world.

jclequy@yahoo.ca said...

Hi Jen.

I appreciate how well written this post is, especially how well articulated it is.

By my comment, I will try to clarify and maybe help diffuse the misunderstandings related to this very emotional issue.

I am not a Mormon, and as I was reading your text, it came clear to me, that the main misunderstanding about people denying that Mormons are truly Christians, is this:
WHO do we say that Jesus WAS and IS?
When we compare the definition/ description of the Mormon Jesus with the biblical Jesus (i.e. related to who God was, is and will be / and about the value of his sacrifice on the cross, etc), mainstream Christians see such major differences that are irreconciliable with biblical Christianity, therefore disqualifying Mormons to be truly Christians in the biblical sense of the term.
The best example for this would be to claim that Abraham Lincoln promoted slavery, or that Joseph Smith founded Utah - to this, anybody could declare with assurance, that such a person is not describing the Abraham Lincoln or Joseph Smith of History, but a falsified version of the historic person.
THIS is the true nature of the discussion: when we don't use the same definition.

I hope that this will clarify and maybe help diffuse this very emotional issue.

I prayed for you.
God bless.

Mr. Jean-Charles LEQUY

jenifer said...

Mr Jean-Charles LEQUY.
Thank you for your respectful comment!!
Thank you for praying for me and for trying to clarify the issue.
I understand what you are trying to say, and this was exactly why I wrote this blog post.

Abraham Lincoln DID NOT promote slavery.
Joseph Smith was martyred BEFORE Utah was founded.
But Jesus Christ did IN FACT die to save my soul and yours.
i know Him, i love Him and i try every day to do GOOD, like He has done.
if you knew me, you would FEEL that truth.

just because we interpret the Bible differently does NOT mean that i am not Christian or that my idea of Christ is FALSE or wrong.

i can feel that you are a good man.
thanks again for your comment.
we are on the same path!

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