October 10, 2011


have you noticed i've been CAH-RA-ZEE lately?
a.  is it just because it's fall, and my kids are in many sports
soccer, soccer, soccer, cross country, cross country, football, scouts, activity days...
we couldn't even find a time for piano lessons this fall?!!??!!
b.  is it because i'm still moving in to a new house and i haven't figured out where everything goes?
i still have no pictures on my wall and a room full of books to unpack and put away.
c.  is it because this is my first summer with seven?  is it the new baby who is tipping my ship?
d.  is it because we live in a small town and i'm driving HOURS and HOURS of my life to get to football games, and doctor's appointments, and grocery stores?
and, i get LOST all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME.
e.  all of the above.
so, this week, i'm benching myself.  taking me out of the game, as much as possible.
because i just can't take it anymore.
it's like having my christmas tree up in February.
oh, we'll be able to have a REAL tree again this year! 
do you know 80% of the country's christmas trees come from this place?
and, grass seed.  this is where most grass seed comes from.
because it is BEAUTIFUL here.
i digress...
so, i'm benched.
are you laughing?
i am.
because, i'm the MVP, the quarterback of this team.
and, it's hard to bench yourself when you ARE the game.
but... i'm really going to try. 
and, my kids... they'll just have to WALK to the 6 doctor/dentist appointments we have this week.
anyway.  i may have to ground myself from the computer until my chores are done.
i'll hurry.   promise.
and, we can play later.
{don't you LOVE these pictures?  even though i spend ALL DAY on Saturday with football, it is SO FUN, and beautiful.  My two hour drives to schools around the state are so lovely that i can hardly begrudge the football federation.}
this is the road to my house. BEA. UT. IFUL.
today, i need to go down that road... and just hang out for a little while.
this... is my driveway...
 see you... someday soon!
ps.  guess what?
i love football.
i'm as surprised as you are.
it's crazy long.
but, really fun to watch.
more fun than soccer, i think.
wouldn't life be easier if good things were easy?


Tiffany said...

Um, okay... I'm tired of you being "benched", so come back soon! :-)

Marie said...

Hi Jen... I agree with Tiffany! We miss you.

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