November 18, 2011

6th grade boy.

i love this kid.
he's something.
a big tease, very smart, very sarcastic and logical and "right"
and... so funny.
as much as i am on his case (telling him to BE KIND!),
i hope he knows that i really, really, really think he's awesome.
although, the professor thinks he says he's awesome too much...
drew often sings a song "d-r-e-w-is- a-w-s-o-m" 
i laughed that he wasn't even spelling awesome correctly!...
now, he has to sweep the floor every time he sings his little prideful song.
(to keep him humble.)
drew is still awsom!
and, my floor is shining!

he just got a locker (they were under construction) and he wanted to decorate it.
he's ready and in the car 30 minutes before school starts because he's nervous he won't be able to open his locker on time..
drew informed me yesterday, that it was a good thing the janitor was there with the key yesterday or he would have been late and i would have owed him five bucks!
so, i picked up a couple things at the dollar store.
to surprise him.
yup.  we have a dollar store here in our town.
the most organized dollar tree you have EVER seen.
it's my new BFF.

i wanted to show you drew's talk from last Sunday.
he had 3 principles.
3 scriptures.
3 applications.
he shared his testimony at the end.
two funny stories...
1.  Drew's talk was on reverence.  todd was speaking last sunday and so i was by myself with the 7 kids.  (again, somehow it's easier without my husband-- no idea why?)  anyway, drew was teasing with anna.  tickleling her or trying to take something away from her that she shouldn't have been looking at.  Then i saw him go, "Oh.  I forgot."  And he folded his arms, bowed his head and sat quietly the rest of the sacrament time.  In his talk he said, "I always try to fold my arms and bow my head and close my eyes during the sacrament to help me be reverent.   I like to bow my head so that if I forget and open my eyes, all I'm looking at is my shirt."  :)
2.  i was cranky one night when he came home from scouts.  i was trying to remind him to do his dish job and he started complaining.  mid-sentence he stopped and said, "Oh.  Um.  Never mind.  I'll do my job mom."  As he turned and headed to the kitchen I heard him say to himself, "A Scout is Cheerful."

Really, he's so funny.  I love that kid.

The other day he made a comment about me not posting enough pictures of him.
and, he's right.
(this is SO drew... and SO jakob.... i'm SO glad they have each other.)

drewser makes us ALL laugh.
i love 11 year olds.
a lot.


Jenni Taysom said...

What a cute kid. My kids do better in sacrament meeting when I'm not sitting by them, just opposite of your scenario. I play the organ and my husband told me to stay on the stand after the intermediate song instead of coming back to sit with them because my kids behave better. Win, win, my kids behave better and I get to hear some of the talks.
Did you teach your kids that outline of how to do a talk? I'm clueless when it comes to my kids talks for primary and usually have them retell a Tory from the Friend or red one of the poems or short articles. My oldest is 9 and I keep thinking it is time to teach him how to write his own talks.

jenifer said...

Jenni- sacrament meeting is a trick, isn't it?!!
Actually, todd is the king of primary talks. he's so logical and can help them quickly...
Todd just has them read the topic, gives them an example of a principle and asks them what one principle they can think of is... Then he helps them find a story or an application. Repeats that 3 times.
So, the LAYOUT is his idea. But, the words and examples are their idea.
The kids do very well with this structure.
I do very well with this structure.
With my younger kids I usually keep it VERY simple.
Same structure-- Principle, Example, Application.
With little kids I usually have a picture for each principle.
I stand by them and hold the picture and they talk about it.
Easy, and memorable.
Good Luck!!

Teachinfourth said...

I really do have to say that I think he'd make an EXCELLENT Joey...


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