November 19, 2011

be prepared.

i believe in a modern day prophet.
(like Noah)
our prophets have been telling us for YEARS to BE PREPARED.
--3 day "72 hour" kit that is portable.
--1 year food storage.
our church also is a major partner with Boy Scouts of America.
All of our Young Men are Boy Scouts.
I don't think this is just because we like camping.
I believe it is an eternal principle-- BE PREPARED.  HAVE SKILLS.  GET WHAT YOU NEED.

I am constantly aware that we live in a day and age where we can BUY ANYTHING for CHEAP.
What do we buy?  What do we have?
If, someday, things change and supplies are in demand... what will we wish we had bought today?
I'm thinking about the EVERY DAY... especially as Christmas approaches.
Will my kids need an ipod touch or a warm sleeping bag, tents, leather shoes, water filtration kit, a tool box, a fishing pole, a flash light, a pocket knife, a down comforter, etc., etc., etc.?

i believe.
i'm preparing.


The Wife said...

Are you getting your kids the preparedness stuff for Christmas?

jenifer said...

i can't say for sure (because i have little readers) but i think there are things that are REAL and would be helpful in an emergency, that they would also love to receive as a gift.

i really want to start a hope chest for my kids where they start to
things that will last for a very long time. (Like a tool box, a pocket knife, a fishing pole, a nice sleeping bag...)
We'll see.
We are having a pretty mild Christmas this year.

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