November 08, 2011

never stop starting.

have i told you before some of my favorite parenting advice?
never stop starting.

sometimes, as i'm re planning my life i get discouraged and i think... shouldn't i have this figured out by now? 
and the truth is-- I have had it figure out.
many times.
but things change and so your routines need to be re-thunk. 
(yes, i know that is not a real word.)

i asked the professor to stay home for the morning and we had a mega-planning meeting.
he is so good for my "too many ideas i get overwhelmed" mind.
todd calms me and helps me to prioritize and be patient with my "things i wish we were doing better" list.
sometimes i feel bad for our marathon meetings.
but then i think... we are running a company here- together.
and, we need to plan.
"Fail to Prepare and Prepare to Fail."
it is SO good for us to sit down together, with an agenda and just strategize.

Want to see our agenda?
We're trying to get a one year supply of stuff that we buy-- so we ended with a list of everything that we buy (it's a first draft).
OK--  Here it is...

Want to see the new jobs we're doing after school?
OK-- Here they are...  (we rotate every week)

Want to see my effort to become more ROUTINE and DISCIPLINED in the morning, after school, and for bedtime?
OK-- Here are my new signs...

I didn't have time to make everything pretty-- just practical.
We introduced our plan of attack for Family Night... and then practiced at meal time and bedtime.
Already, i notice a BIG improvement.
(Except for one child- who has a tendency to kick against the pricks.)

My blog is not a place where I brag about my practically perfect family.
Maybe I would, if we were practically perfect.
But, I try to be real. 
To show you where we are and how we're fighting for better tomorrows.
Tomorrow, we are going to ROCK at our after school routine.
just sayin'


Teachinfourth said...

I think I need a list or two...


LAURA said...

hey, have you ever looked into ordering from Azure Standard? I'm SURE they would have a drop point somewhere near you. You can buy bulk grains there, frozen foods, fresh produce, you name's more expensive as it's mostly organic, but still tons cheaper that "whole foods" or "new frontier" or whatever. They do shipments to the drop point once a month. I'm getting my first shipment next week, so excited!

You continually inspire me with your organization! I'm trying to do scripture study with kids more consistently, thanks to things you've shared. :)

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