November 07, 2011


this is me today.
i'm planning.
my kids are NOT on a great system.
did you know that moving changes systems?
chores, piano practicing, dish days, putting away laundry--- blah we are all mismatched, wishy washy.
I know, it's been too long.
It's hard to say, "Go put your backpack where it belongs", when you really don't have a designated spot for backpacks.
Or, go practice your piano, when i haven't bought the new books they need.
Today-- I'm going to hammer down my life.
Having a good PLAN saves SO MUCH energy and time.

Today, i'm re-planning.
Tonight, i'm re-assigning.
This week, i'm reminding and being consistent...
Next week, my life should be structured again.
Oh, i can almost taste the sweetness of an ordered after school routine.

Guess what??!!!
We got a PAYCHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
our FIRST REAL paycheck in 5 years!!!!!
(yes, we did underestimate taxes by $1000... but still-- real, live money!)
i feel like the sweet grandmother at the store that opens up her handkerchief to pay with her saved nickels.
everything i purchase is precious and planned.
oh, how budgets are hard for me.
i love to come up with a plan, but i'm not great at sticking to them.
even if it kills me.
oh, life is good and getting better...

1 comment:

Teachinfourth said...

However, don't kill yourself on the plan for so many little individuals...

I do that with my class each year and most of them do well, but there are about 6 of them bent and determined on putting me out of my misery.

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