November 23, 2011

thankful for prayer. and phones. and produce.

yesterday i was trying to open a container of cranberry juice and it was stuck.
lily said, "i'm going to pray about you mom."
leah bowed her head and prayed.
when i opened the juice a few seconds later, leah exclaimed, "See mom, it worked! Jesus healed you."
i am thankful for prayer and faithful toddlers.

EVERY time i am down i know that joy is just a phone call away.
i am so grateful for my sweet friends and family that help to raise my spirits and inspire my soul from across the country.
what would i do without long distance?
thank you.
and again.
for phone ministries.

and, i love produce.
a friend just told me about a great farmers market not to far from here.
we got boxes of squash and potatoes and apples...
oh, produce brings joy to my soul.
even as i'm scraping roasted squash off the skins to freeze for baby food.
i still love it.

thanksgiving is tomorrow.
i'm off to straighten my house and cook some meals.
TONIGHT we're having our Starvation Dinner.
you can read about last year's here... it is one of my FAVORITE traditions.
we eat black beans and rice and watch you tube videos of people who have trials in life...
here is a link to some of the videos we have watched in the past...

what do you do the day before thanksgiving?

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