December 01, 2011

o tannenbaum.

2:45 pm. :: wake little girls up from naps.
3:00 pm. :: pick bigger kids up from middle school.
3:30 pm. :: drew- basketball at middle school.
4:00 pm. :: anna and ellie- knitting at the church.
4:30 pm. :: mom, eve, lily- drop fake bread off at the Stake Center for their Creche' Exhibit.
(remember last year, miss my sweet friends in Texas)
5:00 pm. :: pick girls up from church... say a prayer that basketball goes a little over, drew hates being picked up late.
5:10 pm. :: pick drew up from basketball... he said he was only waiting for "like 30 seconds" {grateful}.
5:20 pm. :: pull into garage-- coax the professor to come into the car for a Christmas tree adventure.
5:30 pm. :: head to McDounalds to get Drew two double cheeseburgers and two "large" waters.  Cost $3.30.  The Professor is upset.  A McDouble costs only $1 (same as a double cheeseburger with only ONE piece of cheese), and a regular water is FREE.  (who knew?!)  I was NOT about to change my order at the second window.  Donate $1.30 for McDonalds drive through peace.  (Drew shares bites with all the other kids... they are promised frozen ravioli for dinner!)
5:40 pm. :: Found the tree farm on Philomath main street that i had never seen before, but heard about.  (Only had to turn around twice.)
PITCH BLACK outside.
5:41 pm. :: sat in the car while the professor tried to encourage us to go home and get a tree another day...  so glad the owner came out and laughed when I said we were here to cut down a tree...
5:50 pm. :: waited while the owner found us some flash lights.
5:51 pm. :: found the PERFECT tree-- we're not picky... just wanted BIG, not too expensive ($15), and pretty.
6:00 pm. :: cut, dragged, wrapped and loaded our little bunch of Christmas cheer.
6:10 pm. :: dropped drew off at the Church for scouts.
6:20 pm. :: home, fed the baby, started dinner, unloaded the tree.
6:50 pm. :: ate dinner.
7:00 pm. :: the professor and jakob head to youth night.
7:10 pm. :: mom and the girls go pick up drew.
dishes, bed time. 
visions of sugar plums.
morning comes.
the house smells like fresh pine.
another day begins...
life is good.
don't you love her?
our sweet tree...
do you wonder why she isn't in the center of the picture?
well, you can't really have a post about Christmas trees, and include our Thanksgiving pumpkins?!
(tell me i can just throw them away WITHOUT roasting them and making homemade pumpkin pie...)
tis the season!!


beckyjune said...

What a gorgeous, lovely, HUGE tree! The Nativity is this weekend- we'll miss you.

Lanette said...

What an adventure! Way to squeeze that into an already CRAZY BUSY evening! The stamina...whoa! I can't believe you can find a tree that big and beautiful for $15!! The little pre-cut ones at our grocery store started at $35. Rip off. I can't wait to see the finished, decorated product. I'm sure you'll have enough room for all your decorations:)!

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