March 12, 2012

still climbing!

today, i'm loving these quotes from Sister Marjorie Hinckley (wife of a prophet)

"Sometimes the pattern of life seems a little monotonous-- and discouraging.  It is like climbing a mountain and, after reaching the top, getting knocked back down to the bottom to climb it again; but i guess the fun is in climbing and not in arriving.  I hope so!"

"The trick is to enjoy life.  Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones ahead."

"Robert Louis Stevenson said, 'To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life'.  The gospel calls to us to stretch ourselves, to embrace our talents to concentrate on our strengths, to be productive, to be creative, to reach our full potential, which few of us ever do.  We seem to get discouraged by such trivial things and fail to see the great things we are capable of doing."

my house is upside down.
my two weeks for organizing are over.
my baby is sick.
my older kids are needy.
i don't feel good.
i'm heavy with concern for many in my extended family.
it's time to do laundry again, and i haven't finished putting away the last loads...
the girls room is coming together...
books and toys are all over my basement in piles.
i have baskets of too small clothes in many places.
i didn't finish the dishes last night before i went to bed.
i'm cranky.

leah (my five year old) said DAMN about ten times yesterday.
well, actually she says "DAN"
in sentences like, "Baby Eve is so DAN cute."
we asked her, "What did you say?"
she repeated. "She's DAN cute."
we asked, "What does that DAN word mean?"
she says, "You say DAN when you REALLY mean something a lot."
(hah!  i don't think i could have defined it better myself.)
we asked, "Where did you learn that word?"
she said, "I don't know.  I just made it up."
Anna piped in, "Oh!  I thought for sure she would say she heard it from MOM!"
what a horrible thought.
i have got to watch my language.
starting today.
damn it.


Lanette, the Mrs. said...

It will all come together, I'm sure of it. "Life by the inch is a cinch. Life by the yard is hard." Have no fear:).

And that Leah is so d#$% funny! That was such a classic!

beckyjune said...

THat is SO funny! I can relate. Hailey is taking a karate class right now and Matt said that the other day she was practicing some moves on him and she said, "Take that, sucka." I'm sure she heard that in class because we don't say it around here. One day Hailey came home asking what the F word was and that she saw it in the bathroom at school. I bet one day one of my kids are going to say, "What the he--" and I know it will be my fault. I need to watch my language sometimes. I grew up in a home with a Navy dad and you can bet there were more than a few swear words heard there. And not just DAN.

valerie in TX said...

hahaha - totally made me laugh out loud! :)

Tiffany said...

Hee! I love that story about "Dan". And I really wish that I could NOT relate... :-)

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