August 25, 2012

elephant garlic.

have you ever SEEN real elephant garlic?
it is HUGE!
like an elephant!  ha...
i love it.
it makes me happy.
i use it in everything.
it has a VERY mild garlic flavor, so you can use a lot and it isn't overpowering.
i'm growing some more over the winter.
i hear you are supposed to plant garlic in the fall.


Diane said...

I am impressed with your amazing gardening skills. You are one impressive woman. I'd say I'd like to be like you when I grow up, but I think I am older then you.

jenifer said...

Diane-- it's NOT me, it's Oregon. I just stick stuff in the ground and it grows. I hardly know how to pick it! I am just as amazed as you are!! Ha!

Carrie said...

Your husband introduced me to your blog today and I LOVE it! You are a gifted writer, photographer and mother. Thanks for your help today:)

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