August 27, 2012

this little piggy.

anna and the boyz
Pepe, as in peppercorn (jakob's)
and Rico, as in Paprika (anna's)

ellie had birthday money from grandma when we went to the fair.
they were selling baby cavies (guinea pigs) for $3 each.
she said she knew just what she wanted to spend her birthday money on!
the kids begged. 
we LEFT the fair, we thought about it and talked about it and researched...
the kids said they prayed hard...
and, we ended up with FOUR, pedigreed baby guinea pigs.
from a professional breeder up near Portland.
meet Bay.  as in Bay Leaf.
She's Ellie's baby girl.
i'm a grandma-- ellie likes to remind me daily.
meet Ginger, as in Gingersnap.
she's drew's girl.

these little piggies get LOTS of lovin.
two girls.
two boys.

yup.  we do things like that around here.
we're excited to join 4H bunnies and cavies this fall and show them in the fair next summer.
so far, the kids love them.
old cages.
girls in our old bunny cage and boys in a Tupperware.

our new cage-- from Amazon.
for the boyz.
they were SO excited!  you should have seen them hopping and running all around!
so cute.
the kids have schedules for play and exercise and they are still happily cleaning the cages (1 month later).
the girls.
the boys.
did you know guinea pigs make cute sounds?
they squeak. and chirp.  and hop around.
cavies are not very exciting to photograph... 
they are easy to care for and more cuddly than rabbits.
they eat fresh produce.  the ends of our zucchini and peppers and old apples.
i like that.
the life of a guinea pig.
in fact, i really do like these guys.
and... someday soon we may have some babies around here!
so, i bet your family would like one too!!

1 comment:

Linzi said...

can you tell me what you put in the bottom of the cages as we put sawdust and it goes everywhere? yours look much neater!!

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