September 29, 2012

girls and dress-up.

is there childhood without dress-up?
i love the drama.
character development.  
raiding your mother's make up.
guinea pigs (or cats dressed like babies) being pushed around in strollers.
most of the time playing is spent practicing and getting dressed amidst constant bursts of "and then i'll say..."
the actual performance is always rushed due to the arrivals of dinner times and arriving mothers.
how i LOVE dress up play.
and, i had NO IDEA that one small purple eye shadow could cover such a large area.
life is good. 
 i LOVE these girls.
{and lest this post is misleading... my boys have enjoyed many of their own dress-up dramas.  granted boys have more weapons, more battles, more super-powers, less love-sickness. but dress-up has been as much a part of their growing up years.}
don't you love dress-up?


Lindsey said...

This post made me grin ear-to-ear. Thanks for that.

Katie said...

Your the best jen. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Your blog has lifted me up tonight. Thank you for all your effort. xoxox

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