September 26, 2012

more first days.

remember when i thought i'd have more time to post once my kids got back into school?  ha!  the grass is always greener on the other side of the schedule.  
my mind is swimming with things i want to blog about, and my picture folders are overflowing with fun pictures i have never posted from our summer exports.
i have to post these pictures from the first day of school for my older kids.  how i LOVE these kids.  when i'm not tired or cranky, i love everything about mothering them.

Let me tell you what i love about these first day pictures.  I love the clothes they have chosen to wear.  I love their backpacks.  I love their individuality.  

This year i gave them each some money and had them pick out school clothes and shoes.  my oldest, jakob, chose to buy less clothes and design his own sneakers-- in purple and yellow.  he makes me smile.  drew chose clothes at the GAP outlet.  he shops like a boy.  in about 5 minutes he had picked out all his outfits, his criteria BLUE and it could not have any sport on it that he didn't play.  drew has been asking me to pick out his clothes for him.  i'm not exactly sure where this is coming from.  he has never cared much about his clothes before.  it makes me smile.  anna chose outfits that were almost all monotone in color.  navy blue was her color of the year.  she saved every new outfit (she is still saving some) for some special day.  i love ellie's silver sparkle skirt.  Ellie is the most creative with her hair and outfit choices and i think she is adorable.  she finally got "real" purple glasses.  she has wanted glasses for years and i think they are adorable on her.  she lost her first pair, the day after she got them, and we got her second pair just in time for school to start.  She picked black fake uggs and black nike sneakers as her school shoes this year.  
Eve and Lily have been enjoying time home with mom.  it is so fun having these cute little girls tagging along after me.  we paint and read and do 'school work' together.  lily is four, but has two years until school starts. i'm so glad she has these next two years at home with eve and me.  
it is so fun to see all of my kids growing older.  i love sending them to school and hearing about the fun things they do each day.  i'm so grateful for summer and so grateful when fall comes again and our schedules change.
School is great.  These kids make life fun.

I love my job.


Kaela Frame said...

Those are some pretty cool sneakers that Jakob is rockin! I noticed them before I even read that he designed them.

Lindsey said...

Your kids are precious. Love their individuality, and love that you give them the freedom to express it.

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