January 30, 2013

and it came to pass.

(I wrote this after Martin Luther King day.)
What did you do with your holiday weekend?
I got my whole house cleaned!!!  (All while laying or sitting.)
We watched a few girls' basketball games.
We drank green smoothies and ate homemade ice cream from our Vitamix.
Went with some friends to see the Hobbit.
Went to Costco-- my husband asked if I could drive the handicap mobile.
He said, "My wife is pregnant, can she ride that thing?"
The ladies smiled and said it was fine and later they must have laughed at what a wimp i appeared to be.
Ha!  Can you imagine some overprotective husband making his 15 week pregnant wife ride in the cart at Costco?  I told him he at least needed to say that I was ON BED REST.  silly fella.

On Sunday afternoon I scanned the internet to read other people's placenta accreta experiences.
i totally freaked myself out.
i came to the conclusion that i'm never going to do that again.
honestly, this pregnancy and delivery and subsequent surgeries could be VERY tricky.
I get that.
i'm glad i know to expect issues, so that i'm not surprised and bitter if complications arise.
i'm just going to take one day at a time and focus more on my attitude than my circumstances.
God may not always make my path smooth and free of hurdles, but He WILL always lead me, guide me and walk beside me as I travel my journey.
I can have faith in that.
Of course I hope for the best... but, more importantly, I hope that i can have a good attitude even in less than ideal circumstances.
Isn't that funny?
My soul aches with desire to endure with joy and faith even if or especially if things go wrong.
I don't mean to sound all faithful.  Yesterday, I was scared to death.
Today, I am recommitted.
I know that this life is supposed to be tough.  Trials are part of God's plan for us so that we become all that God knows we can be.
I love the scripture "all these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good." D&C 122:7-8
To God, our trials are but a small moment...  His moments are probably a bit longer than our moments.

Don't you think being a mother prepares you to endure trials?
We have to learn to expect a stinky blowout diaper just as we are heading out the door to an appointment.
We learn to smile in Wal-mart while our kids are fighting our crying for candy.
We learn to ignore an end of the day tantrum and smile and lovingly tuck a tired child into bed.
Being a mother teaches us to smile at the lady putting in our IV as she says, "This will only sting for a second."
Being pregnant teaches us to sacrifice our comfort for our children.  We learn these lessons every day in small ways, so that when we might be called upon to endure larger trials, we know how to do it.
I know how to do these next few months.  You do too.
"Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming."
Be witty if you can, be pretty if you are, be cheerful if it kills you.
Find the joy!!

Last night for scripture time we reviewed the story of Joseph of Egypt in the Old Testament.
That poor guy had many trials.  In the scriptures, a few years is one sentence.
Yeah, he got beaten and sold as a slave- but then he became the head servant of potipher's house.
Poor guy got falsely accused and sent to jail, but he became the best prisoner and interpreted some dreams.
Sure, the butler forgot about him once he was free, but only three years later he remembered Joseph and had him interpret the Pharoah's dream.
In only 15 years, Joseph became the second strongest leader in Egypt.
He was able to save his family... If Joseph had never been sold as a slave, he would have probably died in the famine.  Literally, Joseph's hard path WAS the path he needed to walk to save himself and his family.
Joseph might have had moments or days when he felt forsaken and burdened... but, now that his years are written in sentences, it is so easy to see God's hand in his life.
Sometimes hard times are all part of God's plan for us.
ALWAYS, God can use difficulties to work for His good.
I know it.

What would we do without an eternal perspective?
My 'scripture' will read.

And it came to pass that the Lord was with her, and she delivered a child and he grew and was a blessing to all who knew him.

I can do that!
I can do this.
this will come to pass... and I will be grateful for the experience.
i know it.


CTR Mama said...

I agree! I made the mistake several weeks ago of reading blogs from moms with young diabetic children, hoping they would be reassuring as I learned to deal with my newly-diagnosed 2 yr old. I was wrong. It had the opposite effect. Sometimes more information is not what we need. Sometimes, seeing the end from the beginning is too overwhelming. Sometimes, we need to focus on getting through just today and trust that God will get us through tomorrow.

I have also come to remember that everyone has something. No life is untouched by challenge. Some of the challenges are more publicly apparent than others, but everyone's got something. This should help us remember compassion and stop us from self-pity (at least on good, brave days :>)). Thanks for sharing your struggles and good attitude and ever-returning faith!

Prayers for blessings for you and your family.

Amy said...

All true! Trials can seem like such bitter experiences-at least that's how I too often find myself looking at them - but I have gained such a testimony of what a blessing they are. It's just hard to see all the blessings and reasons for it until after they are over. I, too, have committed to myself, (and recommitted and recommitted many times) that this time I will be happy and cheerful in my trial because it always has been and always will be for my good! That I'm not just being picked on - that's there's a purpose and a plan for each moment of our lives. Keep up your good spirits, you are enduring it well!!

Tiffany said...

Fabulous postp--thanks so much! I love how I always feel re-inspired by you!

also... LOVE the "be witty..." quote--my sister in IL is actually in Becca's ward there! small world!

Natasha said...

What a powerful idea--putting our years into sentences. That really does help to make the eternal perspective more clear and the now more doable.

valerie in TX said...

"If Joseph had never been sold as a slave, he would have probably died in the famine." Love this. Praying for you, friend. :)

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