February 21, 2013

14 and braces.

My oldest turned 14 on February 4.
(He got a pretty ghetto birthday this year... it was a crazy week for us. I figured ghetto cake was better than no cake.)
I can't tell you how much I love this age and adore this child.
Sure, he's snotty sometimes.  But, I understand him and can reason with him.
It is SO FUN watching my kids grow up and getting to know the great young men and women they are.
Jakob is the BEST big brother... at least to his youngest sisters.
SO adorable.

Jakob is so responsible.
Check out this report card.  (Poor fella wasn't so happy about the B+).
And, his grades always look like this.  With no effort on my part.
He's kind and helpful and adorable.

For his birthday he needed some clothes.
{Don't you hate those sizes too big for kids clothes and not quite into men's?}
And, he asked for a pull-up bar.
He can't quite pull-up yet, but was really funny posing for the picture.
Yes, we were smart to try it out at the TOP of our basement stairs.

A couple days after his birthday, Jakob got braces.
We have been waiting for sometime for his teeth to be ready.
Today, my boys are pretty short  compared to their friends.  I have no doubt that they are just late-bloomers.
With a 6'4" father and a 5'7" mother, they'll end up tall-- someday.
He looks so cute, and already so different, with his braces on.

He went to his first dance at the middle school, valentine's.
He was very nervous and we practiced dancing together.
Later, I asked how it went and if he danced with anyone.
He explained that the middle-school rule is "No Touching".  So, he danced but wasn't quite sure he actually danced with another girl.
Cute kid.

I love this child of mine.
I get a little teary as I realize how quickly time is passing.
High school next year... I'll blink and he'll be all grown up.

This morning we were reading scripture by each other on the couch and he passed gas very loudly.
After a few minutes he just started giggling and, in my cranky mom voice I said, "That is NOT funny."
He apologized and we kept reading.
I wish I had a rewind button, at least to re-do the tone of my voice.
It was kind of funny.  And, I love that kid farts and all.
I need to laugh more with him and not spend all of my days trying to get him to grow up.
There will be a day when he has outgrown this behavior (I imagine) and maybe I will miss it.
Have I told you his favorite song is Weird Al's "Constipation".  He sings it all day.
Silly 14 year old child of mine.  

He did turn 14 the same week that he had his first CAR ACCIDENT.
Yup, he got first gear, trying to reverse the car out of the garage.
One refrigerator was hurt in the process.  He had one pretty upset dad and one laughing mother.
Oh, what will the next few years bring?
Happy Birthday Sweet Kid!!
I am so blessed to be your mother.

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