February 20, 2013

ordinary days.

Aside from doctor's appointments, we are home a lot these days.
I have become somewhat of an observer instead of the main mover in our family.
My favorite thing about watching from a distance is really SEEING my cute kids.
I've always been pretty good at catching the moments, but these days, I get teary all the time.
I feel so blessed to be THEIR mother.

I love how helpful the kids are, especially how they teach their little sisters.

I love how they play together so well.
(Anna checked out a Spanish book from the library.  Drew and Anna sat for an hour reading it out loud together.)
I LOVE watching the joy all the kids get from Eve.  At least 10 times a day someone says, "Can you imagine if we didn't have her?  She is SO fun."

I love watching them play alone.
I love how little one's learn to make lines and always sit in the boxes or the laundry baskets.

I love how smart they are and how they find joy in making books or coloring or writing long math problems or doing "homework".

The world will tell you what a lot of work children are.
And, that is true.

But, children are great gifts.
Children bring a fullness and a JOY to your life that you will never get from anything else in the world.
Today, I am SO grateful for the Little People in my life.
My life is good.

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The Wife said...

Little People - ha! :)

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