April 30, 2013

Day 1- Are we there yet?

Get admitted to labor and delivery...
Lay there while they monitor my baby's healthy heartbeat.
Get an iv... I need one in the whole time I'm here (just in case).
Lay in bed while Todd naps.
Get a steroid shot in my bootey.
Lay in bed or sit on the chair for hours waiting for the doctor to send me to my new home.

Have a cute resident tell me that my condition is very serious. I am his most serious case. I could bleed out in 5-10 minutes because placentas bleed one qt. a minute.
Wonder what I'm supposed to do when doctors continue to tell me how serious my condition is? Should I cry? Should I just drop to my knees and pray?
I KNOW this is serious- that is why I'm here!! Just in case you were wondering!

Walk around my room- to get that bootey loosened up.
Make my bed.
Write emails to Jakob and Drew.
Cross stitch.
Check Facebook.
Call home to remind Anna about track and Ellie about soccer.
Talk 10 seconds to Eve.
Check Fox News.
Look at houses on Realtor.com.
Ask if I can walk with Todd to the cafeteria.
They say no- but I might be allowed a 10 minute supervised walk each day. :)
Check my email.
Watch Todd read a book.
Talk to my real doctor.
She makes plans for an MRI, direct line iv, and an advance directive.
Write this blog.
Take a picture of my iv- which doesn't seem too bad after hearing them discuss a direct line surgically implanted in my neck...

Look at the clock and think this is going to be a very LONG hospital stay...

Climb Mt. Fuji little snail,
But slowly, slowly.

Here's to day one!!
I'm excited to get to my long-term room and unpack.
Grateful Todd is here to share the day with me...
Anything good on hospital tv?
Hope you had a great day!

Guess what??
Todd and I walked to the nurses station and told them it was 6:30pm and I needed dinner. We told them (or begged profusely) that we were going to go to the cafeteria together just to buy dinner and come back up to eat it.

And, they agreed. I declined a wheelchair and promised to lay down flat in the hallway/elevator if I started to bleed.
As we were leaving I taunted that I might sprint down the hall... If they wanted to see if they could catch me.
I know I'm dumb-- but I felt SO good and rebellious as I picked out my own dinner.


Carrie said...

I love your optimism. You ARE going to rock that hospital stay!

beckyjune said...

Day one down- at least it's progress, right? You always have such a positive attitude and I love it. No matter the circumstances you always find the good. You are going to give those nurses a run for their money while you're there!! ha ha!

Em-Cat said...

I've been a stalker here for a couple of months and have checked in on you every few days. I love your optimism and have learned so much from you in the short time I've read your blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

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