May 16, 2013

Day 15- Seeing Them

I think a lot- you already know that about me. I noticed that when the doctors come in, I put everything I'm doing aside and talk to them. I'm my most cheerful, attentive and interactive.

Sometimes, when the sweet housekeeping ladies come in, it is easy for me to say hello and then continue reading my book while they clean. I hate that I have that tendency.

I've made a conscious effort to stop what I'm doing and really SEE everyone who comes into my room. I have tried to learn about these ladies and to hear their story.

I love these women and my room is sparkly clean. I'm so amazed at their immigration stories- coming to America from Ukraine and small countries in Africa. Everyone has a story. They work hard for their families. I'm ashamed that I had to make a conscious choice to really see them.

Todd visited this morning with Eve and Lily. As the lady came to clean my room, he started a conversation with her right away. In moments he learned about her family and where she was from. I loved watching him, I was so proud he is mine. Todd is such a naturally kind man. I love him so much. I loved him more as I watched him interact with my friends.

Yup, today was another fun day here at OHSU.
I took a shower, got my bandage changed on my central line and mailed a bunch of thank you cards. (Why is it that even with nothing to do I still procrastinate thank you cards?)
Todd visited with the little girls and we went out to lunch (at the cafeteria) and to the park (in the children's wing).
Sooo fun! My kids are adorable.
Then, I had lots of visitors.
People are so nice!

Another day down- my dinner is waiting and I'm excited to stitch Ellie onto my cross-stitch tonight.
Um, if you get to climb in bed next to your husband tonight- just squeeze him extra tight for me.
21 more days till delivery!!!

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