May 22, 2013

Day 20- Sunny Again.

I could hardly call my best friends to bask in the drama of potentially loosing insurance coverage before I got an email from Todd saying OSU will keep us insured and pay us the summer support we were planning on.  (I do know it's not super-classy to talk about insurance/financial concerns... But honestly, when you're facing a million dollar hospital stay and surgery, finances are in the back of your mind.)

God is good to us. Why do I ever doubt?

We are moving to Syracuse in August-- hopefully the baby and I are both healthy and ready to travel by then. Although it is funny timing, we are excited for this new opportunity. It is common to move around in academia.

This is a great job promotion for Todd and Jakob is just starting high school. I'd rather move now and stay in Syracuse for sometime. Plus, we'll be closer to our east coast family- which will be fun. Sigh-- we do have a crazy summer ahead of us!! Oh how we will miss our beloved Oregon.

Today was a great day! I had to force myself to get up, cover my central line to waterproof it, shower (hospital showering is ridiculously difficult), blow dry my hair, get dressed, put on makeup, read my scriptures, order breakfast, work on a project... The beginning steps were labored, but as I followed my routine, I felt sunshiney again. There is power in going through the motions!!

My day turned out great! It was full of good news, some uplifting phone chats with friends, inspirational talks (priesthood session of conference), movie night in my room with my bed rest pregnant with twins friend, lots of stitching on my sampler, and a late-night chat with one of my favorite nurses. One of my favorite days in the hospital so far!

Only 15 days till delivery... It's coming fast!
Can't wait to meet this little guy!

{Can I just tell you how much I love hearing his ping pong-y heart beat every 4 hours. He is an active little guy and I'm a smitten mother... Just saying'}

Life is good!
(can't wait to bathe or shower without being wrapped in Saran-wrap!)
Enjoy your day!!


I think all my kids look a bit squished under the tree... oh well.
I'm hoping when it is all finished it won't look so crowded?!


Jennie Plastow said...

Such great news!!

CTR Mama said...

Fabulous! I especially love it when we find out about the miracles before we've completely lost our minds with worry :>).

You'll have such great adventures in Syracuse (and a lot of snow!). We live in PA and head north for the Palmyra pageant every few years. There's a great children's museum in Rochester which will be close enough for a day trip. Great adventures ahead!

Thanks for sharing your crazy journey and amazing faith. Prayers your way for a safe delivery.

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