May 21, 2013

Day 19- It Could Be Worse

Another day...
While IV Therapy nurses debated how often they need to change the ports on my central line, Todd read an email saying we might not have insurance or summer support this summer (because we are moving in August). I was afraid this might happen. I'm sure everything will work out fine- but it is just one more thing to worry about.

Todd accepted a job in Syracuse, NY. We need to be there in the middle of August. We've been looking for houses for some time on the Internet. I think I have combined all the good things of houses we've looked at, so now I'm hoping for my dream house. We'll see. It is hard to buy a house from a hospital room.

Late last night I heard a young (around 3 year old) girl crying in the room next door from me. It was close to 11pm and she was obviously bored and tired. Her young father was fed up with her. It broke my heart hearing her saying "Ouch daddy, owe!" as she cried.

Finally, I gathered my pile of toys (a stuffed cat, play doh, magna doodle and a handful of lollipops) and knocked on their door. I introduced myself (the crazy lady next door) and offered my pile. That mom had just delivered a 6lb10oz 34 week baby. He is in the NICU. They were nice people dealing with a stressful situation. The little girl was much happier with something to do.

Sometimes it is hard for me to hear my husband complain about all he has to do for our kids. I know that he is under a lot of stress and that he has a lot to do at home without me. But, hearing him complain about doing what I would give anything to be able to do- is very, very difficult.

Today I am wishing for just one day at home to hug and cuddle and love on my husband and kids. I wish I could just pause this little hospital visit and insert a few normal days. I'm so grateful for my MIL and Todd, but mom is different. Loving the needy one comes more natural to me... And, I think I have a house full of needy ones right now. Sigh.

That's all... I probably shouldn't have told you all this negative stuff. But, I'm real. And, sometimes this hospital gig is tough.

My anniversary is Friday?! Wish we could have one date night out... I better get planning.

We had green bean fries for lunch... I finished photo books for 2005, 2006, and 2007... I added Eve, Jakob and half of Drew to my sampler... And I watched Dancing with the stars finale.

Even wishing for "normal", this life is not too bad.
It could be worse!

I know!!  Look at that belly!
I really feel like this baby knows he is coming early and he is growing quickly.
This is my last pregnant belly ever!!  I'm letting myself bask in hugeness!!


Team said...

Green bean fries looked strangely tasty !
How come you guys are moving? Did I miss a post where you explained why?
Thinking of you often. xoxo

LAURA said...

congrats on one more day down! You are so close! I love that sampler.

Diane said...

Wow, I had no idea you added moving into the mix. Don't you wish you could just fast forward your life about 4 month? It will be great to be at the other end of this one.

Your sampler looks lovely, and thanks for the daily posts so we can all know you are still okay.

Jennie Plastow said...

It's so thought at this stage. Everyone needs you right now and you need you too. Hang in there dear. The good news is, you already made it further than I did! I know that doesn't help much, but your baby is that much better off. You are in my prayers!

Jennie Plastow said...

Sorry, I meant tough. Lol

Evaly said...

I agree with Diane, it's nice to see your updates and that you are still okay. I can't imagine all the ups and downs you are going through. I hate moving, so just that would be throwing me for a loop! I hope the time passes quickly and everything works out. It always does, but it's still hard in the middle of it!

jenifer said...

I know!! Isn't it CRAZY that we're moving this summer?!! Ha! I think God knows that I'll heal faster with more motivation...

Yesterday, we emailed new houses back and forth... and talked about the new VAN we need to buy... and talked about summer camps, reunions, moving companies... and um, having a major sugery with a NICU baby. CUH-RA-ZEE!!

It gets to a point where it is so much that you just laugh and know the only way you'll get through it is by the grace of God.

I keep saying-- Christmas is going to be WONDERFUL!! Just a few more months of crazy...

Thank you for your sweet comments!!!

jenifer said...

ps- green bean fries are very good, especially dipped in that fry sauce!

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