May 29, 2013

Day 29- single digit countdown.

Whoa.  9 days till surgery.

I got a funny letter from Ellie yesterday...
Dear Mom,
I was going to buy you a card but I spent the money on me instead.  It's hard to buy something when your allowance is small, so be happy I made you anything at all.
Love, Ellie
(I mean what I said about the allowance.)

In Ellie's defense, she is one of my most generous children.
My room is covered with sweet gifts and cards she has made.
She makes me laugh.

Yesterday was a pretty fun day.
I had a friend visit, got a blood transfusion (the nurse forgot to clamp the blood when she unhooked me and it squirted everywhere), ate lunch with Todd and Leah, we sold our Guinea Pigs to a pet store, I read a book, and I watched Extreme Weight Loss.

I had a cute, young doctor come and talk to me yesterday morning.  He acted like my surgery would be easy and no big deal.  He felt confidant that my recovery would be quick.  I honestly sat there in shock.  I have NEVER heard a doctor talk positively about my surgery before.  I laughed and told him I wanted to talk to him on the morning of my surgery.  I would also like to have this doctor in one chair and my main doctor in another chair.  Wouldn't it be funny to hear them discuss the same surgery?

I really, really needed to hear his optimism.  I'm holding onto that and walking forward.

My kids got lambs this weekend.  Yes, we got rid of Guinea Pigs and adopted 4 baby lambs.  The lambs will be sold at fair, so they aren't long-term.  I am so grateful for sweet friends who help make this possible.

Life is good.
Enjoy your day!!
Ugh.  I have a lot of fun pictures but my iphone blogger isn't working well...


rebecca said...

Just wanted to say hi and tell you I think about you often and have kept you in my prayers;) (There's power in numbers:) I found you when friend posted your story a few weeks ago and then Jennie through your blog. My husband was one of her doctors, so as it is said many times, it's a small world! Anyways, when you posted about the doctor talking to you like your surgery is no big deal, he is right! He is smart! It seems like all of your team is very prepared for this and everything will go smoothly;) My husband has been a part of many of these operations this past year and every single one has gone smoothly for the most part:) So I will continue to pray and cheer for you from AZ:) Also, I am so glad you are sharing your experience, because people need to be educated about this:)

jenifer said...

Thanks Rebecca!! My husband especially loved your comment. I think having percretta has left me a bit numb to statistics. It's almost like I expect to be the one that doesn't go right, just so I'm prepared. But!! I really do think things could and probably will be fine!! Thanks for thinking of me-- and thanks for all the hits you have sacrificed so your husband can save lives like mine. We really do love our doctors!

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