May 30, 2013

Day 30!!

30 days here in my little home away from home.

I was flipping channels (a bit stir-crazy) and I stopped at Judge Mathis.  He's a pretty funny, black judge.  I almost watched a full episode-- turned it off when a couple of promiscuous roommates started arguing over bills.  Ahhh- this is what 30 days in the hospital has done for me.

My BFF is pregnant and due June 1st with her 7th child.  Her other kids just got out of school for the summer.  She texted me yesterday that she is dilated to a 2, having contractions and exhausted.  She said that she wishes she could trade places with me for a week.  And, considering that my surgery is a week away, I think that is a pretty generous offer.

I honestly think every pregnant woman should experience bed rest at least a few hours everyday.  Rest is important.  As you learn to truly rest (not escape or veg-out, or lay in bed physically with your mind racing) you learn who you really are at your core.  Rest, stillness and peace are as good for the soul as work and stretching, learning and growth.  I hope this time in the hospital has taught me to find stillness.

You might think your life is too busy for rest.  And, my friends, you are right.  If you don't have time for some rest you are too busy.  I was too busy.  I needed more help than I would ever allow.  Resting for 6 months and watching my home and family not fall apart has shown me that I could have taken a nap one afternoon and been ok.

30 days-
::I painted my nails.
::i realized I'm no longer bothered by the bandage peeking out of my shirts.
::i spent too long avoiding meals that I have no desire to eat.
::I loved the cute pillowcase I got from all the kids in my church Sunday School Primary classes.
::And, I love the warm fleece blanket the young women made for me.  All around my room, I see love!
::I read some and stitched some and finished all the Doc Marten's on Netflix.
::I talked for too long to a nurse I'd never met before about purses (I think I'm ready to buy a grown-up purse) and my upcoming surgery.  (She said I was inspiring, but I honestly think she wrote "a little bit mental" in my chart notes.)

And that's all folks...
Today I have a busy day--
I had a dressing change for my central line. A cross-type and match for blood.
I'm bra-less (no metal allowed) and awaiting my first MRI with some special dye that is a bit controversial in pregnancy.  I have to fill out an advance directive with Todd.  And, I have a non-stress test.  Hopefully Todd goes out of the hospital to buy me some yummy food-- I'm fasting for my MRI.

One week from this morning I will see my little guy!
Have I told you how adorable I think his little heartbeat is?
My nurses are all shocked that I have been here so long without a bleed... I think the doctors just put the fear of God in me.  I think my body is holding on for all it's worth.  

Today I am so grateful I'm still pregnant!!
I'm grateful for 30 days in the hospital.
And, I'm a bit nervous for surgery, but super excited to move from the waiting stage to the recovery stage.
I'm ready to see what life after the hospital is like!!
Life is good.


Marie said...

Thank you, Jen, for taking us on your personal journey these past months... Personally, you have taught this gal many things, most of all to enjoy every little moment. I continue to pray for you and Todd, for this new baby boy that you will get to hold in just a few short days, and the rest of your beautiful family that are waiting at home for your return. God is blessing you richly, but you know that. Keep staying strong... Not long now, my friend!!! ❤

Your pretty pink nails look so cute! :)

Cheryl said...

I'm with Marie. Thank you for journaling all of this --your entire experience. So many people are praying for you and your family; you are an incredible example just for how you view life!

I'm glad you feel surrounded by love, because you are. The large family forum asks about you a lot (they fasted for you last week) and every time I read your blog posts I'm grateful for my own life and my own sweet kids.

You're fantastic! Praying that your week will go by quickly and that you'll be able to take your baby home with you even quicker. :)

jenifer said...

Please tell the large family group how grateful I am for their thoughts and prayers!!

jenifer said...

Marie- you're a doll. Aren't pink nails fun?!

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