May 08, 2013

Day 9- Racing.

My pulse is racing.
They ordered an EKG, which sounds scarier than it is. Just 30 seconds hooked to a bunch of wires measuring my heart beats.
I asked the guy doing the EKG why my pulse could be racing even though I'm obviously not exercising... He said that a cord from my central line could have slipped into the wrong place of my heart.

What?! Ugh!! All of a sudden I felt my pulse racing even faster!!

I had my nurse tell my doctor that I wouldn't mind an X-ray of my line-- just to be sure. And, about ten minutes later a huge X-ray machine showed up at my door. Isn't this hospital amazing??!!

My pulse is still faster-- but everything looks good with my line.
Blah- just the idea of a central line creeps me out.
This line is going to save my life some day!
I love my central line.
I love my central line.
Be still my racing heart...

It was so fun to see my friend, Courtney and her little guy. Then, I enjoyed the morning with my MIL, my two youngest girls and my husband. The more my kids visit, the more they understand where I am and that I am coming home soon.

It was fun to head down to the gift shop and pick out some mother's day gifts for my sweet mothers. I am so grateful for them!!

Took a link off my chain! Tomorrow is almost here...


Flushing out my central line with an audience.

i have a kid drawer with a magna doodle, PlayDoh and mini tootsie roll pops.
i think my kids are almost more excited about lollipops than they are about seeing me.
what a guy!
this is the life of a professor whose wife has been on bed rest for a long time... he works whenever possible

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Kajsa said...

You don't know me, but I love reading your posts (nice to hear things from someone who has been there done that kind of thing). I am praying that all goes well and baby boy gets here safe. You are beautiful (definitely need to shop where you shop for maternity clothes with my next pregnancy) and your family is darling. Thanks for sharing.

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