June 13, 2013

Before the surgery.

Benjamin William was born!!
It was a beautiful, miraculous, happy day!!hy
They let Todd go into the OR.
we had that sweet, you've had a baby!!


Marie said...

Oh my! The OR looked like they were READY...! Comforting, but daunting for sure. Hope your surgeon got a kick out of your note on your belly --- too funny!
I hope you had an ok night, Jen. I woke up several times and my thoughts went to you, hoping you were having sweet dreams...
Continued prayers, my friend... ❤

Rebekah said...

It is so nice to know it is you on the other end of these posts!

Your Benjamin is truly beautiful!! The sweetest little face!

The humblest of servants submits, and is given the opportunity of finding joy EVEN in poop! eh? :)

Anonymous said...

I love that picture at the end.

Anne said...

I'm so happy and grateful to once again see evidence of tender mercies in our family. I am also very, very grateful for experienced medical laboratory scientists working in the transfusion service who were able to provide such behind-the-scenes support to you -- as well as those beautiful people who donate life-giving blood. These situations provide good reason to keep donating. Ben is surely a beautiful boy. What a pleasure it will be to see him in person! Looking forward to that day when it comes. Keep focusing on those steps forward, even if they are just tiny. Faith can take us miles. I love you.

Anonymous said...

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Jilene said...

You are so brave!! Baby Benjamin is so lucky to have such an incredible mother. :) Sending prayers and love every day for you and your family.

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