June 18, 2013

Coming Back to Life.

I have so much to say, my heart is full and still, my mind is hazy as I try to type.

My body was very, very near death.
As I was clinging to life, I felt the power of God-- the power of family, friendship, sisterhood, healing.

There is power in physical touch.  There is healing in the squeezing of a hand.
Thank you for being with me and pulling me through this.  I could feel you.  Your faith and love is pulling me back to life.

I used to think coming back to life was your Spirit re-entering your body.
It's not.
My Spirit has always been here, it is the same, if not more.
My body is slowly coming back to life.
My bowels are waking up... Hooray!
My legs lost their physical ability to move and lift... It is amazing to feel these functions returning.
I lost so much blood and the main arteries to my legs blew out and were cauterized.
My whole body was sliced open- what an amazing experience to feel my sensations returning.

Despite the pain, or even perhaps because of it-- feeling your body come back to life is an awesome experience.

I am currently coming back to life and it is  miraculous to behold.


The Perry Family said...

I'm so excited for you!! I truly pray for you each and every day that your body will heal quickly and as painlessly as possible! You are such an inspiration to others in your faith and in the world of motherhood! :)

Marie said...

You have taken "do hard things" to a whole new level, Jen! So many comments that say you "are such an inspiration"... Well, it is true, my friend. You make us WANT to be better, to be stronger, to be more grateful. I love you for that.
You look wonderful --- good to see that twinkle back in your eyes! Little Ben is adorable and looks so healthy. You and Todd are truly blessed.
Did you get to move out of the ICU? Another miracle, for sure!
Keep on keepin' on... ❤

Tom and Debbie said...

Thank you for keeping an eternal perspective because it directs my thoughts to see challenge experiences in my life through the same lens. And soosooosooo happy to read of your triumphs!

Kristine said...

Very excited to know that miracles do exist and thank you for being such an inspiration to those who know you personally and those who know you through your blog. Prayers will continue for your recovery, Go Jen Go!!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad prayers are being answered still! after the initial prayers that you would live, now we are praying that your body will heal and you will be able to resume the role you fought so hard to keep. you are strengthening my faith and glorifying God through all of this. Yay for healing!

CTR Mama said...

And congratulation on your truly beautiful baby! He is gorgeous! I am so glad that you are awake and managing the pain and healing enough to be able to spend some time with him. God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenifer, seeing you alive makes me happy and give me hope that I too shall live through similar operation. I too have placenta praevia percreta to the bladder. I am 27 weeks at the moment and expecting to have my baby at 34 weeks. I have been following your updates and pray for your speedy recovery. You have a beautiful family and it completes with you in it. Take care and get well so that you can give us more updates.
Thao from Melbourne, Australia

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