July 11, 2013

A pain in the foot.

Just hanging out here...
My physical therapist helped me do stairs... I was in agony the rest of the night.  
My silly feet and legs just need to wake up and get in the game.
Honestly...  They're killing me.
The only thing that helps at all is Jakob's special massage.
Poor kid spends half his life rubbing my feet.
I hate being in pain.
I remember that I used to wake up and my body didn't hurt anywhere.  I miss those days.
Sometimes I pray for just an hour free of pain-- I really empathize with those of you who are in constant pain worse than I am.  It's hard, it wears on you.
I do have pain meds- and without them I'm down and out.  With them, I'm better but not great.

I don't mean to complain-- my life is so good.
I'm alive and I can handle aching feet.
My little baby- he's worth all this trouble.

Life is good!
Do me a favor?  Just feel your body for a minute.  If you feel good, say a little prayer of thanks!  Be grateful for normal!
I'm not sure I was grateful enough.  But, I will be someday.


Marie said...

Am saying special prayers for you today, Jen... ❤
Life IS good, and we are thankful you are still with us!!! Thank you, Jakob, for your special foot massages that not only help your mom's feet feel better, but are making even more memories for the two of you to share...
Love the photo of "big sister" organizing baby brother's outfits!
Have a great (and hopefully a little less painful) Thursday afternoon...😎

Kim said...

Hi Jen , you don't know me nut reading your story- I think you are doing an amazing job. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be for you but I am always hearing your thankfulness for what you do have and that you are expecting "more". I was in pain once after an operation that went wrong with a baby and I understand it when you say how you ate "self focused", and I think you need to be to survive. I think now it is Gods way for us to get through it. Be kind to yourself and it is ok to be "self focused". Thanks for sharing your story, much love to yourself and your lovely family and your mum for being there for you!!!!

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